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Three Ways to Up Your Tangible Brand Experience

There are so many little places we have the chance to enhance our client experience. Of course, great customer service likely comes first. But, what about the little things we can do, to make a huge impact on our client’s hearts? I wanted toView full post »

Designer Diaries : Ghost Clients

Today, I am starting a new series called “Designer Diaries”. I’ve had the privilege of connecting with some amazing designers over the past several years, and there are some pretty common themes we all seem to deal with. While IView full post »

Why Do I Need an Alternate Logo?

With all of the buzz around branding, I love to talk about what it is, and what it isn’t. As I’ve discussed before, branding is not your logo. Branding is everything to do with your business & client experience. This is everything!View full post »

The Creative Procreator : Child Care Blues

You did it!!! You had your baby. Let’s assume you’ve changed more diapers than you can count, and you’re not quite sure what that stain on your shirt is. Yep, you’re totally in it. It is the wonderful world of parenting.View full post »

Digital Love!

Hi lovelies. I wanted to pop in to share a little bit about the products and services that make my workflow more efficient. Some of you know, I still use paper to-do lists. I love the satisfaction of physically crossing off a list. Sometimes, IView full post »

I Can’t Create Your Brand …

… but I can help you hone in on your target market, develop a brand strategy to attract your perfect client, and create an identity convey your brand’s message. Most inquiries that come across my (virtual) desk say something like this,View full post »

What do your photographs say?

Within a few seconds, anyone landing on your site will know whether they want to stick around. Within a few seconds of that realization, they’ll know if they want to spend their money on your products or services. When diving into the websiteView full post »

The Creative Procreator

Hey you! Yes, you!! The mama or papa over there who is balancing home life with work life, and trying to make it all look graceful. You’re doing amazing, and how did you manage to shower today? Over here, life is busy. It’s a bit insaneView full post »

Weekly Thoughts

When I sat down with my accountant this year, she congratulated me … Congrats for a good year. While I was working through the year, it didn’t feel especially remarkable. I was pregnant, moved into a new home, and my business wasView full post »