Happy November, friends! Last night, as Jim and I were sitting on the couch, he reminded me that we’re officially in his favorite part of the year. It’s Fall, sure, but it’s also the start of the holiday season. It’s time for cozy nights on the couch with hot apple cider + spiced bourbon. Lots of Netflix & Chill, and by “Netflix & Chill”, I actually mean chill. We have a toddler, folks!

Other than it being the start of the holidays, it’s always a kick in the ass to get my studio running more efficiently. I love having a clear calendar on January one, which means I work double time in November & the first weeks of December to make this happen. Daunting, yes. Possible? Absolutely.

I know I always promise to blog more — man, it’s hard to stay on top of this blog space, but I know how very important it is. I wonder what visitors would like to see more of?

Really, what do you want to see? 

I have tons of projects to share, but also resources for creating a cohesive brand experience. I have strategy advice, too. Specifically advice on topics like: packaging, social media, graphic design, appealing to your ideal client, creating an effective launch, eccetera.

Are you a creative? A blogger? A designer? A photographer? A business owner?

It’s time to introduce yourself, and tell me what content I can deliver to you! I want to feed this blog with valuable posts that engage my readers.

Thanks for sticking with me this year. I really want to try to commit more time to this space. While I’m working on it, be sure to follow my everyday adventures over on Instagram. You’ll also find me on Dribbble, where I share current work in process and recent design goodies I love.

With all of the buzz around branding, I love to talk about what it is, and what it isn’t. As I’ve discussed before, branding is not your logo. Branding is everything to do with your business & client experience. This is everything! The most important part to focus on. With that said, when thinking of your overall client experience, one element that deserves a lot of attention is the brand identity (commonly referred to as ‘the brand’), and the pieces that help create a cohesive experience.

What does this have to do with my logo suite?

So, you have your new logo. A logo that was created after taking a deep look at your experience, brand values, message, and core market. This logo was developed to tell a piece of your beautiful story. Right? Now, what if you want to deliver a product to a client … a gift, a delivered good that was promised, a card, etc. It’s could be a bit intrusive or redundant to just stick your logo on every single piece of your brand experience. It’s like you got a discount with a promotions company to put. your. logo. on. everything.

My workflow includes creating different elements and logos to give you options. To give you variety. To keep your brand identity from becoming stale or boring.

A cohesive brand identity suite is your best way to create a thoughtful, tangible, memorable experience with your brand.

Here’s this practice put into action.

Jonnie + Garrett are recent clients of mine. They are amazingly talented photographers based in Arizona (and yes, they travel). They felt like their existing brand identity was a bit weak, and didn’t speak to their experience. So, we took it all away. We created a logo that felt super clean & modern, but still inviting. We paired the right fonts & colors & elements until they were happy. We developed a brand message, tagline, and “story” that would appeal to their ideal client. Done. Done. Done.

But then, it was time to think beyond their website & logo. What about the other pieces?

Jonnie + Garrett Brand Message

Think about how your main logo might fit best on your website, but a brand mark (or brand element, as I call it) makes sense when it’s stamped into the back of a fine art wedding album. Maybe you want to send a little note of encouragement to your customers/clients, but including your logo feels a little gimmicky. Instead, why not include a little element to remind them of you, but also like this piece is tailored to them.

For J+G, every element was intentional. The diamond element is especially special. They chose a plus sign instead of an ampersand … the plus sign represents growth, addition, coming together to make more (love, life, etc.). The diamonds can be perceived literally like a diamond ring and strength, and having two of them is representative of them, and their couples. Two becoming one.

This element is special, and applicable to their clients, which is why I encouraged them to use it throughout their workflow.


Additionally, maybe your logo is super, super simple, but you really want to deliver a strong impact when someone interacts with your brand. A strategically developed brand statement (turned into an element) can speak volumes to your overall client experience. It can attract your ideal client, and have your worst-nightmare client running for the hills. 



Your stationery (and all tangible goods) are an extension of your brand, and should be treated accordingly. No generic note cards … only focus on customized items that remind your clients & customers about why they chose you and your products/services. 
Jonnie + Garrett wanted to be sure that when they sent thank you cards to clients & vendors, their message was reiterated: “Embrace Wild Love” – what a great reminder! Their business cards include their full logo (and their element), in case it’s someone’s first time interacting with them and their brand.  



Are you convinced? 

To me, the best way to add visual interest and variation to the tangible/visual side of your brand is to incorporate different elements and logos. It’s fun. It’s unexpected. It shows people that you’ve put thoughtful energy into every aspect of what they’re investing in.



I am currently booking my 2016 calendar, and still have 2 January spots open. Also, I’ve done a soft launch of my new 4 week timeline, and will be officially announcing it soon. Until then, inquire with me to get all of the details. I can’t wait to work with you!



If you follow me over on Instagram, you might have seen my little hint at this big announcement. I am so excited to announce that I will now be offering my branding and identity services with an added perk: the amazing, stunning, beautiful, lettering of Lauren from A Fabulous Fete.

This has been a long time coming, and I am so happy to provide this service in my 2016 project offerings guide.

In the past, if a client knew they wanted beautiful, timeless calligraphy & lettering, I had to send them away for the lettering with the hopes they’d make it back my way for the final touches on their suite, and brand coaching. It’s been a goal of mine to provide a complete, full experience to every client, and now, this partnership with Lauren is a dream come true.


It’ll be simple … if you know you want a hand lettered logo or logo elements, Lauren will work with you to create those pieces. Then, when it’s time for our project to start, we’ll build a completely brand identity suite around your new lettering. The suite will be cohesive and representative of your brand experience. Of course, it will all start like a traditional Three Fifteen Design project: with a deep look at your brand, client experience, and goals. Cherry on top: the calligraphy package is inclusive of Lauren’s services, and won’t cost you anything extra! Lauren offers traditional calligraphy as well as watercolor lettering. Her work is perfect for a photographer who wants a unique, fun brand identity, as well as for a fine art photographer who’s looking for a soft, airy logo suite to represent their work.


Of course, I am still offering my signature package in 2016, which will allow me to focus on my favorite aesthetic: classic logo/brand identity work with a modern twist.

If you have a minute, be sure to connect with Lauren on Instagram. You are going to LOVE her work!

I am now booking projects for my 2016 calendar. If you’re a maker, doer, photographer, creative, business owner who needs a new brand identity & a strategy for getting your brand’s message on-point, let’s connect! I would love to work with you to ensure that you have a beautiful representation of yourself & your business. Let’s do it!!

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You guysssss … First, happy Monday to you! I hope you had a beautiful weekend. Second, you have no (NO!!!) idea how excited I am to be sharing this project. You see, as a creative, you long for projects that spark your creativity, and make your heart feel all squishy and full. When I first talked with Ben & Ashley, I knew we were the most perfect fit. On a personal level, we just clicked. Once the project wrapped, I missed talking with them on a regular basis.
There were many requests to squeeze Oregon and Ohio right next to eachother — totally possible, right?
On a business level, I doubt I have to explain why they are amazing. Their work is emotional, raw, and so SOOO stunning. Their photos invite you in, and make you long for more. I’d say their work feels moody & evocative, but in the same breath, there is so much air and light. The chance to work with Rosey Red Photography has been a highlight of my career.

The project started with a lot of great inspiration. We knew we wanted something classic, but something that also felt super fresh and modern. Ben mentioned he was envisioning layers of tracing paper coming together to create a full, final image. At that point, I had this strong visual of a logo that felt deep and tactile … lots of pieces of a whole. This is where the prism heart came from. When Ashley said some people saw a diamond … some, a heart … others, a rose, we knew it was perfect. Their logo suite was paired with thoughtful stationery & packaging. They chose letterpress printing. Their cards were printed on the thickest, beautiful cotton. The imperfections of letterpress ink were PERFECT. We peppered in brand statements & quotes to invite their audience to fall deeper into their experience. Their green envelopes feel warm, and are a nod to their love of nature. It’s all intentional … all meant to make a connection.

In the end, we kept coming back to their brand statement: “Passionate photography inspired by raw human emotion” … This was the beginning, and it was our compass during the project.

I hope you enjoying diving into the Rosey Red Photography Experience. Take a bit to meet Ben & Ashley … your heart will be fuller because of it.

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