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When I think back to my wedding day, it’s a total blur. That’s so cliche, but it’s true! Everything has been returned, thrown out, or stored in the attic. While we do have wedding photographs, my mind is left to remember the real moments … and sometimes I’m not sure I can recall even half of that magical day. Wedding films are everything! Matt Stambaugh is a creator of premium wedding films – cinematography for your heart.

When I met Matt, I was blown away by his ability to find even the tiniest moments of bliss and raw emotion on a wedding day. Couple that with a strong sense of place and composition, and his films dance with sunlight, soft breezes, and the loveliest ambiance. Once you’re through the part of the film that make you cry – because yes, I cry! – you’re left feeling happy and fulfilled.

With the design, we wanted to steer clear of trends, and instead focus on a clean, classic layout. No frills here. Instead, it’s about bringing his heart into the physical representation of his brand. The design is strong and masculine, all while feeling super approachable and personal. We worked together to create a letterpress stationery suite that would add even more depth and quality to his brand experience. His off-white envelopes are made from recycled material, and speckled with flecks of natural fibers (be still my heart). The website is the cherry on top. You’re greeted by a clip of a film, because we really wanted to tell people film is amazing right off the bat. When you land on his home page, the video you see is meant to move your soul. It’s incredible! Another reminder of Matt’s talent.

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Like a breath of fresh air, working with the ladies of Third Avenue Events has been so refreshing.

First of all, anytime I get to work with people in an industry I’m new to, I get a little extra excited. Scratch that! It kind of makes me feel like I’m the new girl walking into a new school. It’s a bit scary, but mostly just exciting.

When I met Annie & Kristin, I was so inspired by their passion of planning world-class, high-end events. Something I’ve come to realize is that a lot can go wrong when planning an event (large or small), and it’s important to have a team to back you up. From logistics to execution, Annie and Kristin are experts. They truly partner with their clients to give them an easy, flawless event … their focus is making their client look like rockstars. It’s pretty awesome!

Not only was it the first time I’ve worked with an event planner, but their design inspiration itself was a bit different than my norm. We wanted something that felt modern with a good bit of masculinity. It would feel strong, but super-approachable. To them, a professional aesthetic was important, but they didn’t want to lose a sense of playfulness that they both bring to their brand. I am so pleased with the final product – the colors, the little touches, and the amount of personality all make me smile from ear to ear.

Enjoy the new Third Avenue Events experience!
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When I first saw Jen’s work, my heart was so full … the richness, the artistry, and the love struck me, and I knew we had to work with each other.

Not only is Jen’s work amazing, but so is she. Her loving spirit was a gift, and I love that her project allowed me to explore a soft, fine art aesthetic.

In order to create a deep brand experience, we explored brand statements that would speak directly to her ideal clients … she wanted to tell them exactly who she was meant to work with – what stories she was meant to tell. From this exploration, “Every Moment is a Gift” became the theme for her re-brand. We infused this notion into her overall brand mood, but also into the tangible goods that her clients would receive.

A watercolor script was paired with a few classic typefaces. I love the balance of elements in her suite. We tied the digital together with the tangible in the form of letterpress & gold foil printing. Her note cards were printed on luxe, thick cotton, which made them so dreamy … I didn’t want to mail them!

I hope you enjoy Jen’s work as much as I do!

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For the past 8 years, I’ve poured my heart into Three Fifteen Design –  creating brand identities for small businesses & creatives. It’s rewarding … so rewarding. I get to live vicariously through other people starting and growing amazing businesses. I get to watch their branding process unfold, and I’ve seen the results of a strong brand experience. I’ve watched my clients reach their ideal audience, and make advocates for their brand. Like I said, it’s so rewarding. What I’ve been craving lately is my own new brand to launch. I am sitting comfortably (working extremely hard, and always so thankful to be growing) in my business now, but I’ve been thinking about launching a brand of products that could enrich people’s lives.

This morning, it kind of hit me like a ton of bricks. My thing. The thing that I would explore. I now know what I want my product to be. 

It’s nothing new, but it is something that most people love. It’s something that makes a house feel more like a home, and even has the ability to bring peace and tranquility to the end of a long day.

While I’m not ready to share the product yet, I do think it could be really cool to share the process of dreaming, branding, making, and selling. It’s rare to see an intimate view into growing a business/brand, and I think sharing the joys and setbacks could truly help other small business owners. While it might make some feel a bit awkward, I think I could also share a breakdown of the real costs associated with starting a new business.

I’m a write-everything-in-a-notebook type person, and I haven’t written a single stroke to start this journey. There’s a big road ahead of me, but I’m excited for all it. Off the top of my head, there are several areas I need to explore before launching …

  • Gathering inspiration
  • Establishing my brand values & goals
  • Coming up with a name
  • Establishing the name with my city/state (setting up a DBA under my LLC)
  • Market research
  • Profit/loss projections of cost of the goods vs. projections of sales
  • Any legal requirements surrounding this product
  • Product development & testing
  • Building my brand overview (statement, tone, ideal client, etc.)
  • Brand identity – I know a girl! 😉
  • Packaging options
  • Establishing a relationship with a printer for stationery, packaging, and labels.
  • Working with small focus groups to test the product
  • Retooling any issues or concerns before the launch
  • Fine tuning pricing structure & offerings
  • Finding a platform to sell on (I plan to start online)
  • Creating a workflow for client interaction, making, and delivering
  • Preparing for the launch
  • Sending free product to brand reps
  • Connecting with local businesses to integrate my product, organically
  • Social media presence
  • Gaining an audience
  • Launching
  • Working through the first sales
  • Moving into small shops in Portland
  • Working against a calendar, to have this product into people’s homes for the holidays. Launch would be on or around Black Friday.

I am certain there will be more than I’ve covered here. Like, after I figure out the cost to launch (testing, packaging, first round of free goodies to reps, etc.), I might decide I need a small business loan. This would be new territory for me, as I’ve never gone into debt with my business. Or, what if I do this research and discover this product isn’t a good idea?! (that would be a little soul crushing, but maybe now I know I’m interested in product development).

Okay, so that’s it. This is my big dream. Sorry to keep it vague. Until I’ve done more research and started moving forward with a name, I’d like to keep the dream to myself. For now, I’ll be diving deep into analysis of the market and potential costs & growth.

Here we go. As always, thank you for your support & readership! I so value you! 

Photograph by me, for The Oregon Tale.

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There are so many little places we have the chance to enhance our client experience. Of course, great customer service likely comes first. But, what about the little things we can do, to make a huge impact on our client’s hearts? I wanted to share three tips to enhance the tangible side of your brand. 

SEND A NOTE // This is so simple, but often overlooked. When you book a client, or are sending their products to them, include a note! A handwritten note is an amazing way to make them smile, and remind them that investing with you was a great choice!! Even better, what if your card could be displayed as art? My client, Jen Rodriguez, had her note cards letterpressed on super-thick cotton. The back was blank (for writing), but the front housed a lovely saying she knew would speak to her client’s hearts. These cards are meant to display. What a wonderful reminder! 


ASK FOR THE SHARE // Sometimes I hear from clients that they’re afraid to be “salesy” … they don’t want to push for referrals. There’s a super organic way to get referrals, and it’s simply asking your clients to share their positive experience. One way to do this is by giving them ways to follow you on social media, and share your work. My favorite way to do this is a social media sticker on your packaging, or an Instagram card. The social media cards are tucked inside tiny envelopes, and meant to be packaged with your products (like albums, prints, or shop goods). When your client receives their package, they’re prompted to share an image of their goods on social media (and tag your business). This is free advertising, and you’re certain to gain attention from new people (who share the same tastes as your favorite clients). My clients, The R2 Studio, recently sent out Instagram cards, complete with a cheeky little tagline! 


UPGRADE YOUR PACKAGING // Thinking about packaging options is one of my favorite parts of a branding project. Don’t think you have to break the bank to get badass, quality packaging. Let’s say you love the look of slide-top wooden boxes. There are plenty of Etsy shops that sell boxes for $35 each. BUT, with a little internet searching, you’ll find small mom & pop shops that sell bulk boxes for $5. Seriously! ULINE is one of my favorite resources for packaging. Recently, a client wanted neon tags for her packaging. We found an Etsy shop with neon tags for $2 each … Uline had the same tags for $0.40 each. She had to buy in bulk, but it is so worth it! Uline is amazing for things like boxes (please always use a brand new cardboard box for shipping goods to your clients!!!), tags, tape, custom tissue paper, and wood filler. Currently, I’m using boxes from IKEA, ribbon from Studio Carta, and excelsior filling & tags from Uline. Rubber stamps are a fun addition to your packaging … and always be sure to include a little note. One of my favorite new additions to my packaging was custom packing tape. I ordered from Phoenix Tape, and love the quality & service they provided.


Adding a little extra “wow” to your tangible experience is so easy … even better, it’s very affordable.  I think the hardest part is sitting down to map out exactly what you want to deliver. Think about how you’d like to receive your products. Are you asking for your clients to share what they’ve invested in?

From now until May 20th, I am offering my Instagram card sets for $175. Sets include 50 2.5 x 2.5 cards, 50 premium 2.5 x 2.5 envelopes, and a custom rubber stamp for you to imprint your social media message on the cards. Preprinted cards are available for a $25 upcharge. Shipping is included for orders within the continental United States. Message me for more info! 

I am currently booking my calendar for June & July 2016 … If you’re my client, we’ll work through all of this during your project. Let’s connect, and dream big!