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Branding : Katie DeLorme Photography

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Sometimes I feel like I have to pinch myself. It’s just that the creatives I have a chance to work with are SO. FREAKING. TALENTED. As you’ve probably noticed, I mostly work with photographers. Of course, my passion is working with all makers, doers, and creatives, but over the journey of my business, I’ve found myself quite a lovely niche in working with photographers. As I’ve grown as a designer, I’ve noticed that my clients have become more and more of exactly what I’ve always wanted to work with. Katie DeLorme is no exception. As soon as I saw her stunning work, I knew we had to work together.

Over the course of our project, she saw her new brand experience unfolding, and she even decided to change her business name. We implemented her love of travel by way of this little elephant (go check out her site, and you’ll see why). We wanted the suite to feel professional, kind, and approachable. It’s a little bit vintage … it’s a little bit modern. It’s soft. It’s lovely. To add to the professional feel, we went all out with the stationery. Her business cards are letterpress on super-thick cotton. Her note cards are sweet, little letterpress cards that bring in a pop of yellow. The Ellie makes an appearance in her stamps, and we finished everything off with premium envelopes. Her new site is clean, and focused on her photography. We used the fonts from the project to bring everything together, but really, her photos are the star of the show.

So yeah, I’m totally pinching myself. Feeling lucky to work with such a gem! To connect with Katie, visit her new site, or connect on Facebook.

02 Brand Statement03 Katie DeLorme Photography04 Element Graphic by 315 Design05 Fonts06 Element by 315 Design07 Website by 315 Design08 Letterpress Stationery by 315 Design09 Site10 Katie DeLorme Photography11 Dots12 Letterpress Stationery by 315 Design*All wedding photos by Katie DeLorme Photography*


Branding : Stephanie Dee Photography


Oh man, I have been so pumped to share this project. I absolutely loved working with Steph of Stephanie Dee Photography, and I knew no matter what we created together, it would be awesome.

Stephanie’s previous brand identity was bright, and she new she wanted to bring that element into a new brand identity that represented her work and experience in a better way. We pulled colors from her work, and use a mix of patterns, bright colors, and fun typefaces to create a new feel.

Once we had the digital side of things done, we transitioned the design onto paper. Actually, onto cotton. Steph chose to do FOIL and beautiful letterpress on bright white cotton paper. Her business cards and note cards add to the experience, and scream FUN! These beautiful stationery pieces were printed by Czar Press.

Her site is an interactive experience, and her new custom blog is meant to be a seamless transition from the site.

Basically, I am obsessed. I loved working with her, and this is definitely one of my favorite projects ever!

To see more of Steph’s work, check out her new site and blog. To connect, go check out her Facebook page.



All wedding photography is by Stephanie Dee Photography.


Branding : Christie Pham Photography

Christie Pham Logo by 315 Design

Happy Friday!! I am grinning from ear to ear, because I have been so excited to share this project. Not only was the project itself a dream, but I happened to go into labor the night I finished it. End of one part of my life … the start of a new, awesome part.

Christie Pham contacted me last year when she was ready to focus on her client experience. She had photographed some stunning sessions and weddings, but was struggling to find her identity when it came to her brand. She wanted a cohesive feel that brought her message to her clients.

Christie is based in Honolulu, Hawaii, and loves photographing destination weddings. In the past, when I thought about wedding photography in Hawaii, I had a certain look in mind. Crisp, bright, and traditional. Well, Christie’s work is my new standard, and let’s just say, she sets a very high bar. Her work is personal, beautiful, romantic, powerful, and full of great energy.

Her new brand identity feels modern … The little arrow is a nod towards travel, towards moving through life. It feels clean and fresh. We paired the digital pieces with clean, fun stationery. Her business cards and note cards have some traditional Hawaiian sayings, and it’s meant to excite her clients, and remind them that they couldn’t have this experience with anyone else!

If you’d like to see more of Christie’s work, be sure to add her blog to your reader. You can see her latest happenings on Facebook, and to connect with her, visit her website.

02 Location03 Christie Pham Photography04 Alternate Logo07 Fonts06 Logo Element05 Stationery08 Christie Pham Photography

All wedding photography is by Christie Pham Photography

Branding : Elysse Ford Photography

1 Logo

I wanted to pop in today to share a branding project that I wrapped earlier this year. Elysse Ford contacted me last year when she was ready to take her client experience to the next level. She wanted to deliver a personalized experience to her clients, and she knew she needed a brand identity to represent it. We worked together to create a suite that felt warm, professional, and inviting. We paired lovely script, with classic sans serif, and modernized it with some fun graphics. The personal touches didn’t stop on the screen. Elysse chose beautiful letterpress business cards and note cards to add something tangible to her brand. The cards are printed on cotton, and feel so amazing.

Want to connect with Elysse? Find her on Facebook, or stop by her new site2 Tagline

3 Stationery4 Elysse Ford Photography5 Fonts

6 Stationery7 Alternate75 Website8 Website9 Elysse Ford Photography10 Stationery

And So We Meet Again


On April 29, 2013, my life was forever changed. On that morning, I found out that we were expecting our sweet Alba. She was born in our home in January, and since then, life has been amazing, happy, humbling, busy, joyful, and so SO different. I feel blessed each day that I get to make a living while working from my home. I have the chance to connect with some seriously talented creatives, and they trust me to bring their client experience to their ideal clients. I am thankful to be able to have a help a few days a week, so I can get into my studio for some uninterrupted work time. While I wish I could cuddle my baby girl all day long, mama has got to get work done.

Because I only have a small window each day to fully immerse myself in my work, this poor blog has been so neglected. I have intentions of updating it with the wonderful projects from the past year, but it just sits. I do give it attention once or twice per month, but it’s not nearly as much as I’d like to share.

So, today, I wanted to express my gratitude for this life I’m living, and reintroduce myself: This studio was once run by an early twenties woman, who was very much finding her footing in the world. Today, it is run by a nearly 30 year-old wife & mother who is obsessed with living life to its fullest. I believe in natural, healthy living, and when given the chance to blog or be with my family, my family will always win. I am passionate about helping other people find their voice. Whether it’s in regards to a personal journey, a pregnancy, birth, love, or with their business … It’s all important, and I advocate for happiness.

I understand that by looking at this blog, it may appear as though things have really slowed down here, but really, I feel like things are starting to catch fire. After taking a bit of time off after giving birth, I’ve been able to dive into some really beautiful projects with some amazing creatives. This year, I’d love to continue working with photographers, bloggers, and independent businesses. I’d also love to work with some local Portland businesses … We live in a vibrant, growing city, and I would love to help new business hone in on their target audience, and give them the tools to succeed! I’ve always had a dream of branding a food truck, a local restaurant, or a little home goods shop in my neighborhood.

With my new perspective as a mom, things have changed. Life is so full, even when things seem kind of crappy. Even though I’m working less, I am finding so much joy in that time. I love creating, and I am happy I can continue living my dream.

I can’t promise I’ll be blogging regularly, but I can promise that the content here will change a bit. I will be sharing little personal posts about our life (even though we have a personal blog, I know there’s some overlap between this space and my personal life), and catching up on the 100+ project posts I want to share (yes, seriously!).

Thank you for sticking around while I figure this mama-designer-wife-photographer life thing out. It’s been a wild, wonderful ride.

PS, after a few years of trying to decide between having one or two Instagram accounts, I’ve decided to combine them. You can now find all life AND business related photos here. Anything work related will be hashtagged #xo315 (you can tag your own photos related to our projects, too).

  • Alison Tunstall Murray - Your honesty is always so refreshing and you kind sprit shows through in your words. I can hardly believe it has been two years since you completed my project and branding, I love it more than ever. Looking forward to seeing what you have been working on!ReplyCancel