Located in Portland, Oregon, Three Fifteen Design has been partnering with brands since 2009; bridging the gap between your message and the way it’s expressed.

Three Fifteen Design is a full-service branding studio focused on intentional design for creatives & businesses, big and small.

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It’s been a while since I’ve popped in here. There’s an entire post coming about this (something about the cobbler’s children having no shoes – but miraculously shoes appear (in this case, a new site – it’s coming!)). Even though I’m not sharing much on the blog, I am sharing a lot on Instagram. And when […]

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Hello sweet babies! It’s been so long since I’ve popped into this space. Honestly, like I’ve mentioned over on my Instagram, sometimes we need to take space from the things that aren’t serving us. And while I do think my blog is a valuable resource, I wasn’t feeling pulled to post here. This likely also […]

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Today, I am starting a new series called “Designer Diaries”. I’ve had the privilege of connecting with some amazing designers over the past several years, and there are some pretty common themes we all seem to deal with. While I wish every single project was perfect, it’s nice to know that I’m not alone in […]

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