I find ultimate joy in connecting with others!


This work I do fulfills a need to connect with others. I tell stories through words, design, images, and paper. 

Over the past 13 years, I've worked with hundreds of business owners to bring their visions to life. From startups to established brands, my focus is the same: find the story, create the visuals, deliver results + tools,  and bring it all together. It's about you reaching your goals; that's what drives me.

I’m a branding expert, which means I focus on design with strategy; nothing is created just because it looks good. My thoughtful, holistic approach involves truly connecting with you, and delivering results in the form of a cohesive brand identity, recognition of your values, and clear messaging for your ideal clients.

Behind the Scenes


My heart lives outside of my body, in the shape of my two daughters and my spouse. Most of me is made of an empathetic soul, and the rest appreciates dad jokes and online shopping. I'm a fan of authenticity (like, if you ask how life with two kids is going, I'll tell you my house is a mess, we laugh a lot, I'm exhausted, and I didn't know I could love two tiny humans this much). When I'm not working, you'll usually find me: tending to my house plants, throwing pottery, hiking around Oregon,  and watching TV with my partner (and yes, I usually fall asleep by 9:20 pm, sorry babe!). I'd like to think I'm the right balance of "I have it all together!" and "My Google history is really embarrassing." ... 

I take pride in being the lead of this one-woman show, and invite true collaboration and partnership; I’m inspired by you. I’m a human driven by heart, integrity, and a lot of coffee.

Photo by She Saw Things

Personally ...

I love documenting our life in photos. If you'd like to learn more about me, check out my personal Instagram feed for personal musings about life, motherhood, and vegan meal ideas.

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