Working Together

I need you because I'm a storyteller. Our collaboration unearths the best in both of us. This is a true partnership which yields real, measurable results. If you're ready to make the most of your brand experience, our project will give you the tools you need.

My heart feels alive when I connect with amazing creatives (yeah, just like you). My thoughts and vision are woven through each and every logo, identity, paper suite & website I have the honor of creating.

We're going to have a blast!

Your work is stunning, and you need the tools to bring your client experience full circle: to have every aspect of your brand speak to your values and level of service. The result: your message & tone are clear. Your brand will attract your ideal clients!

I’m a problem solver, and together, we’ll make magic.

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Why Branding with Three Fifteen Design?

A tailored brand suite speaks volumes - freeing you to focus on the parts of your business you're best at! A cohesive visual suite + solid brand strategy adds professionalism and credibility to your business. I’ll teach you how to present your brand in a clear, intentional way. Every one of my clients leaves our project with a clear brand identity plan, which is achieved through via my One Concept Approach.

Professional Branding Delivers:

Confidence in your craft, offerings, and services

Professional look that will gain more trusted customers & clients

An edge of validity and credibility to your offerings & services

A connection of love and pride for your own brand

I will help you tell your brand's story.

You & Me?

You appreciate a unique, creative perspective to design. You're willing to trust a designer to bring your best qualities into a visually cohesive identity. Whether you make, sell, dream, do or create, my approach is about uncovering the heart of your brand: your values, your message, and your voice. I will ensure your brand strategy is a clear path to your ideal clients. And while I personally think the strategy (our groundwork) is the most vital part of a successful brand, ensuring it looks beautiful is super important, too.

Yeah, we're the perfect pair.

I have experience working with realtors, wine makers, photographers, spas, lawyers, filmmakers, copywriters, interior designers, and many more. No matter your industry, what really matters is that you have a heart for your business. 

See the List of My Past Clients

"Even though we're creatives ourselves, we're too deep in being 'us' to really know how to talk about ourselves. So having someone from the outside -- an objective third party -- come in, learn all they can about us, then put that into words, feelings, graphics, colors, and images was invaluable."

We know that now, at first glance of our web presence, we LOOK like the high-end luxury wedding photographers that we really are. If you're looking for a high-quality designer who can help you really hone in on who you are, and then build you a website to match --Ravyn would be our one and only recommendation.


"Ravyn just got me! From the moment I began explaining my vision she completely understood and took it farther than I could have imagined! It was amazing how it felt like she hopped into my mind and created above and beyond what I had initially envisioned!"

Ravyn blew me away with her clear communication, timeliness, creative briefs, and the final design products. She's oozing with talent and creativity but has the business and customer service skills to go along with that. She's a dream come true to work with as a designer.


"Ravyn is a true creative. She took everything in my head and made it real in my website. I enjoyed the whole process because she was very to the point but also let me know all the options that were available."

I appreciate her creativity mixed with a pure brain of business encouragement and brainstorming. I loved working with her and will be sure to send her to all of my friends!!

- shannon duggan photography

"Ravyn truly listened to my vision! I am just overall extremely impressed. She exceeded my expectations! She created a brand that is so me; I could live in my website." 


"Ravyn created a beautiful, one of a kind website for my brand that I know will help me stand out and add polish to my brand! What stands out most to me is how kind and patient Ravyn was as the site came together, especially as I added and changed things along the way."


"I was so nervous about this big investment for my business this year... not sure how the process would work and how someone across the country could understand my vision over email and the phone, but Ravyn overly exceeded my expectations and was amazing helping my vision come to life!"


"Ravyn is responsive and creative and wonderful to work with!"

"I recommend 315 Design, because Ravyn is awesome and always delivers!"



"Ravyn with Three Fifteen Design is amazing and talented and I get so many compliments on my new website/business cards! I always recommend her to everyone!"


"Communication is HUGE for me.. Ravyn REALLY listens and it totally shows.. and this has been the best experience."


"Ravyn is professional, efficient, and honest in her work. I loved working with her because she listened to me, is super talented, and if I had feedback, she addressed it professionally and creatively. I came into the design process thinking it was magic... but it's hard work on both ends. And she rises to the challenge beautifully!"


"Ravyn is so incredibly talented! She is able to really create beautiful designed based on each client's personality and business model, and the fact that almost every site and brand she creates is so uniquely different from every other site is amazing."


Offerings & Services

The entrypoint to working with me starts with my signature brand identity package, The Logo Collection. And while we will definitely work on a logo, this package includes so much more: I will build an intentional, stunning visual suite after focusing on the foundation of your brand.

By framing our project as the process of reaching your ideal clients/audience, we are certain to acheive your goals of a vibrant, clear brand experience.

Your Brand Identity

The Logo Collection | $4,000

Brand Questionnaire
Phone Kickoff Meeting
Creative Brief
Color Palette 
One Concept Approach
Brand Exploration
Comprehensive Logo Suite
Supporting Graphics 
Font System
Social Media Launch Graphics

After 10 years, and partnering with hundreds of clients, I have a good idea of what you’ll need in order to reach your ideal client. I have 3 main packages, offering discounts when you bundle a custom website and/or stationery with The Logo Collection.

I also offer custom web design, site template modifications, custom client guides, and printed goods.

Most of my clients invest $6,000 with my studio. Please contact me for more information about my packages.

Do you have a question about my studio or booking a project? Before inquiring, take a peek at these questions for more clarity. 


What is the process like?

What's the timeline?

Do you take payments?

Do you offer strategy meetings?

I'm ready! How do I book?

My step by step process allows me to learn all about you and your business, then put those pieces together into a tangible representation of your values. Please contact me to see my full branding guide, where I explain my process in detail.

Most branding projects last 8-16 weeks, depending on communication and depth of scope. Your project will make forward progress. We will work together, a true collaborative approach, to communicate our thoughts, explore pushing creative boundaries, and really ensure this experience serves you and your brand.

Yes! You're welcome to pay in full, but my standard payment option is a 25-33.3% retainer, then 2-3 more payments to fulfill the balance. I accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers via my accounting platform. Please inquire to get full payment plan details.

If you aren't quite ready for a full rebrand, but want to up your brand experience, let's chat! I offer brand strategy guidance and site reviews, ranging from $800-$1,800. I love helping fellow business owners ... let's find some clarity!!! Email me for more information about my strategy meetings & site reviews! 

Yay! Let's do this!! The first step in working together is filling out my contact form, so I can learn all about you. I will send you my brand PDF, where you can see my full offerings and pricing. Once you're ready, I'll send your agreement and invoice for your retainer. Then, you're all set! We're going to have a blast!