The One Concept Approach

Brand Identity & Design

There’s something you should know about my studio: I don’t approach brand design like most of my peers. Our time together isn’t about clouding the field with options … it’s about me presenting solutions for your branding challenges. By framing our project as the process of reaching your ideal client & audience, we are certain to reach your goals of a vibrant, clear brand experience.

I’ll be honest, several years ago I was feeling overwhelmed – like I was churning out designs, but not offering solutions and guidance. For each project, I was splitting my focus in order to develop 2-3 full design suite options (this meant 3 main logos, at least 3 alternates, patterns, etc.). My clients were receiving pages and pages of design elements, but not a single bit of guidance about why those options were the one. And that’s because, there wasn’t just one. I was delivering confusion … they weren’t paying for endless choices, and I was literally wasting creative energy on options that weren’t as strong as they could be.

One day, I read a post by Melissa Yeager, and her one concept approachI’m pretty sure I doubted this method at first glance, but I knew something needed to change with my method … burnout was right around the corner. After considering how I could apply this to my own business, and what it would mean for my process, I was sold. It was then that “trust” became the cornerstone of my brand. By trusting my own process, I could be truly inspired to create solutions. And, by my clients trusting me, they were getting so much more value from our time together.

Applying this to your project …

Partnering with Three Fifteen Design isn’t just about a logo on a business card. From the very beginning, I will do the work to discover the heart of your brand. By the time we are to the design phase of your project, I will have a firm understanding of your values, your products/services, and the goals we’re aiming to meet. I will know the depth of your audience, and the clients, customers, and people you desire to work with, learn about how to find the right people for the company. This is branding.

After we’ve worked through the brand exploration portion of your project, I will develop your Creative Brief, which will outline your brand strategy & the visual inspiration that will drive our project. The Creative Brief is our compass. This intentional approach to branding is meant to deliver clarity and  perspective the whole way through your project, indifferently from the type of work; play now at mobilecasinogamesuk

We are always working towards an overall experience that will attract your ideal clients. Here is where trust becomes the biggest part of our journey together. Just like you have created a brand that solves problems, I have too: my job is to educate, create solutions, and ensure the result is a cohesive brand experience.

Instead of delivering several options for you to choose from, I put my heart and energy into one, comprehensive concept. I understand you and your brand. I know what your clients want to see, and that is translated through the concept I deliver to you. This concept includes a primary logo, secondary logos, elements (brand marks, monograms, patterns, etc), previews of web/social elements, ideas for tangibles, and typography inspiration. I will have explored many ideas for your brand – I will be critical of the ideas I’ve created, and work through them until I have a strong suite that represents you and your brand, in a way your clients will love. Our project doesn’t stop with the logo: it’s about the comprehensive brand experience, and we will continue to be partners for years.

Does this mean you get zero input?

You’re hiring me for solutions, and I encourage feedback from the beginning. We are a partnership. I love working through ideas to create a suite that best attracts your ideal client, and I absolutely welcome any ideas that my concepts spark. Instead of offering a certain number of revisions (because inviting “revisions” almost immediately assumes that there will be pieces to fix), I am open to any refinement of ideas that will help reach your ideal client. This honest collaboration is focused on results. I love collaborating with my clients. It’s a beautiful relationship that we create, and the outcome is measurably positive.

Want proof?

The One Concept Approach has been a game changer for my business. Speaking of businesses one must take a look at Lora Leigh Drammis and her business. Now that I work through a consistent, intentional workflow, I’ve found more clarity and results. By asking clients to trust me so fully, the quality of our relationships has grown exponentially. Since switching in 2016, roughly 100 clients have loved this approach. All but 3 clients have been 99% there with the initial delivery of their brand presentation (the remaining 1% comes from minimal refinement included with each project). The 3 clients who weren’t on-board needed to step back a bit, gain perspective, and move forward again with more clarity. I was happy to give them the space & guidance to re-center, because I trust this process so much. In the end, 100% of my projects using the One Concept Approach have been a success. 

Are you ready for results?

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