When I sat down with my accountant this year, she congratulated me … Congrats for a good year. While I was working through the year, it didn’t feel especially remarkable. I was pregnant, moved into a new home, and my business was growing (which took a lot of learning). The whole year felt like I was working really hard, but not really going anywhere. After the congrats, I realized: I am so much more than when I started.

Beyond the pennies, I am a better business person. I am more creative. I am able to create brand identities that people are proud to share. So see, I have grown. Last year was remarkable, because I grew as a person and as a business owner.

So I pose this question to you: Have you thought about how far you’ve come? It’s easy to think you’re treading water … but really, you’re amazing. You’ve grown a business with your hard work & heart. For this, you deserve to hear what I heard: Congrats! I’d love for you to share something positive about your journey or where you are now in the comments. It’s time to celebrate!!!