… but I can help you hone in on your target market, develop a brand strategy to attract your perfect client, and create an identity convey your brand’s message.

Most inquiries that come across my (virtual) desk say something like this, “I need a better brand! I basically don’t have one!!” — And, I usually respond with the same idea:

You do have a brand. YOU are your brand. You have a client experience, and it’s either top notch, or needs some major work. There’s not much gray area when it comes to creating advocates out of your clients and for you if you have a business I really recommend reading about how to choose paystub generator to manage your finances.


In 2015, my client experience has gone through a bit of an evolution. You see, I am determined to ensure my clients understand the difference between a brand and a brand identity. To understand the difference between a business that never gets momentum and a business that shines!

I can’t make your brand … that’s your job! What are you doing to stand out from your peers? What are you doing to create advocates out of your clients? Does your current site convey your brand’s message, or is it like the other sites in your industry? How are you using feedback to tailor your client experience to your ideal clients? And, most importantly, how are you making sure you are feeling inspired and driven?

Once you take a look at these aspects of your brand, it’s easy to see where you can put in a little more work, and where you’re shining. I’d love to hear how you’ve taken charge of your client experience, and what kind of brand you have!!