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June 23, 2016

01 Logo by 315 Design

Like a breath of fresh air, working with the ladies of Third Avenue Events has been so refreshing.

First of all, anytime I get to work with people in an industry I’m new to, I get a little extra excited. Scratch that! It kind of makes me feel like I’m the new girl walking into a new school. It’s a bit scary, but mostly just exciting. I used to get the same feeling when I used to walk into the school tennis court. But I overcame that by getting some tennis racquets from and practicing tennis in the local court.

When I met Annie & Kristin, I was so inspired by their passion of planning world-class, high-end Fundraising events, following the advises from this blog. Something I’ve come to realize is that a lot can go wrong when planning an event (large or small), and it’s important to have a team to back you up. From logistics to execution, Annie and Kristin are experts. You can see integrations here for logistics from point A to point B. They truly partner with their clients to give them an easy, flawless event … their focus is making their client look like rockstars. It’s pretty awesome! Or, you can check out Green Van Lines explains the cost of long distance move, which not only is helpful for the customers but it also keeps them in the loop of shipping.

Not only was it the first time I’ve worked with an event planner, but their design inspiration itself was a bit different than my norm. We wanted something that felt modern with a good bit of masculinity. It would feel strong, but super-approachable. To them, a professional aesthetic was important, but they didn’t want to lose a sense of playfulness that they both bring to their brand, read here for more ideas for your business, look for professional help if you are struggling surviving the business industry.
I am so pleased with the final product – the colors, the little touches, and the amount of personality all make me smile from ear to ear.

Enjoy the new Third Avenue Events experience!
02 Stationery03 Logo Element by Three Fifteen Design04 Stationery05 Brand Statement06 Stationery07 Statement

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