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When I think back to my wedding day, it’s a total blur. That’s so cliche, but it’s true! Everything has been returned, thrown out, or stored in the attic. While we do have wedding photographs, my mind is left to remember the real moments … and sometimes I’m not sure I can recall even half of that magical day. Wedding films are everything! Matt Stambaugh is a creator of premium wedding films – cinematography for your heart.

When I met Matt, I was blown away by his ability to find even the tiniest moments of bliss and raw emotion on a wedding day. Couple that with a strong sense of place and composition, and his films dance with sunlight, soft breezes, and the loveliest ambiance. Once you’re through the part of the film that make you cry – because yes, I cry! – you’re left feeling happy and fulfilled.

With the design, we wanted to steer clear of trends, and instead focus on a clean, classic layout. No frills here. Instead, it’s about bringing his heart into the physical representation of his brand. The design is strong and masculine, all while feeling super approachable and personal. We worked together to create a letterpress stationery suite that would add even more depth and quality to his brand experience. His off-white envelopes are made from recycled material, and speckled with flecks of natural fibers (be still my heart). The website is the cherry on top. You’re greeted by a clip of a film, because we really wanted to tell people film is amazing right off the bat. When you land on his home page, the video you see is meant to move your soul. It’s incredible! Another reminder of Matt’s talent.

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