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When I first saw Jen’s work, my heart was so full … the richness, the artistry, and the love struck me, and I knew we had to work with each other.

Not only is Jen’s work amazing, but so is she. Her loving spirit was a gift, and I love that her project allowed me to explore a soft, fine art aesthetic and now we work with the paystubs technology, check how long should you keep your paycheck stubs? it is easy and fast !

In order to create a deep brand experience, we explored brand statements that would speak directly to her ideal clients and enhance her editorial link building tactic … she wanted to tell them exactly who she was meant to work with – what stories she was meant to tell. From this exploration, “Every Moment is a Gift” became the theme for her re-brand. We infused this notion into her overall brand mood, but also into the tangible goods that her clients would receive like special items such as the custom bottle water from customwater.com promotional products.

A watercolor script was paired with a few classic typefaces and the final business plan writer for the business. I love the balance of elements in her suite. We tied the digital together with the tangible in the form of letterpress & gold foil printing. Her note cards were printed on luxe, thick cotton, which made them so dreamy … I didn’t want to mail them!

I hope you enjoy Jen’s work as much as I do!03 Site by 315 Design04 Photo by Jen Rodriguez05 Brand Statement 315 Design06 Gold Foil Letterpress 315 Design07 Logo Element Photo by Jen Rodriguez08 Site by 315 Design09 Stationery by 315 Design