Identifying The Brand by 315 Design - Introduction

Time to send the crickets on their way … I’ve been pretty quiet over here lately. As a brand strategy studio, I feel a bit bad about this part. I remind my own clients how important it is to be consistent (whether it’s blogging, social media, client interaction, etc.), and I have over 100 posts to share here. Yikes! … It’s just important to keep it steady. Well friends, growing a baby & running my business have been my top priorities, and blogging has slowly become a little less of a ‘must do’ (and more of a ‘oh my goodness, I would love to do this, but I don’t have time’ kind of thing).

With Autumn officially here, it’s a great time of transition to focus on your business. How was your summer? For most, it’s a big period of work, and now it’s time for reflection! So, I am starting a new series: “Identifying The Brand” … It’s a continuation of my series, “The Independent Creative“, in which I focused on important aspects of being your own boss & paving the way to attract your ideal clients. This little series is a bit behind the brand identity & development process that my clients go through while working with my studio. It showcases each step along the way, and why I think it’s so very important to creating a brand identity that truly represents you and your brand.

We’ll cover:

  • The initial meeting: 1
  • Gathering inspiration
  • The design board
  • Concept creation
  • Narrowing down your options
  • The final design
  • Stationery & tangible goods
  • Creating a site that works for you
  • Bringing all of the pieces together


As always, I hope to start a conversation with each & every post … I’ll use a week per topic & really dive into why each is worth focusing on. Do you have specific topics you’d love to see a post on? Perfect! Leave a comment, or email me, and I’ll be sure to cover it!