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My best friend texted me to ask if I was almost done changing my Instagram username … I mean, I’ve literally gone through like 4 names this year. Before now, I believed that I needed to keep my personal & business life separate. Surely my clients didn’t want to see 1.2 million photos of my chubby little kiddo. And they probably didn’t care what I was having for dinner.

Well, I was wrong. 

When I noticed that more of my clients were interacting with my personal Instagram, than with my business one, I knew I needed to bring it together.

I’ve talked for years about bringing your true self into your brand experience, and I here I was, with this big separation.

Wellll, things are a-changing!!! I am now combining my love for WORK & LIFE in one Instagram account. It represents my life, and it just makes sense to keep it all together.

So, if you like knitting, and sewing, and cute kids, and bad outfits, and food, and design, and random thoughts, you should FOLLOW ME!! Be sure to introduce yourself, so I can follow you right back!