Hey, September!

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Hey Sept

Hey, September!

After dropping my little duckling off at preschool this morning, I parked the car, and took in a bit breath of cool air! (!!!!!) … You guys, it’s been the hottest summer ever in Portland. That’s not just hyperbole, it really was the hottest. There were night when the boob sweat (yeah, I’m going there) was relentless, and days we just got carryout for dinner, because turning the oven on was a nightmare. So yeah, you could say I’m pretty pumped that Autumn is just around the corner. September is my spirit animal!

With each month, I have lots to share, and some goals to accomplish. Here are some little bits of goodness for you:

  • This month, I’ll be testing the waters of a new, faster project timeline. I have an amazing client who’s agreed to go in at hyper-speed to have a super-focused project. If this works out (which I know it will), things will be a changin’ around here. Three week projects?! YES, PLEASE!
  • Have you mamas checked of Coffee + Crumbs? It’s an amazing collective of stories from women, who reflect on many different aspects of parenting and motherhood. We are a tribe. Go here to fill your heart. Even more exciting?! My friend, Vanessa of Noirve, just did their new brand identity & blog. So lovely. Check it out!
  • Among the 6,924 things I loveeee about Autumn, is FOOD. It’s CHILI WEATHER!!!! I’m one of those crazy vegans, but I seriously love cooking & food. To see all of the soups and chilis we’re making (also bbq chick’n pizza – !!!), be sure to follow my personal Instagram. I’m also making a rainbow quilt, that’s already been photographed like 300 times.
  • When I was pregnant, I was seriously zen … all day, every day. I did prental yoga a few days a week, and meditated each day. Now that baby (she’s almost 2, baby? yes!) is here, I totally left all of that practice behind. I’d say I need it most now. I love this guide to meditation!
  • I have a new podcast obsession: You Made with Weird with Pete Holmes. This podcast is totally not safe for work, but that’s what headphones are for! I love his long conversations with artists, actors, activists, and comedians. There are some major “oldie but goodie” episodes in there.
  • While we were at the airport waiting for our flight, I found this gem: Socality Barbie. Living in the PNW, I know I’ve been guilty of sharing insightful thoughts alongside a photo of pine trees. If you can’t laugh at yourself … Anyway, this is cute and made me laugh.
  • This weekend, we go on our big Labor Day camping trip at the coast for which you might have to buy AR15 accessories. I fully plan to bring a jacket, a beanie, and a thermos for coffee. There’s just nothing better. I hope you have something amazing planned too!!!