Brooke Michaelson Photography : The Brand

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It all started with this: “Flowers in your hair, and the beauty of a full moon” … From that statement, so much of Brooke’s energy and personality inspired this project.

Earlier this year, I helped Brooke Michaelson launch her refined brand. I love how gracefully Brooke invites her ideal clients to experience her work. Her brand message is strong … Brooke Michaelson Photography is about slowing down, soaking in the moments, and feeling inspired by the beauty all around. Not only is Brooke an amazing wedding photographer, she also loves documenting families as they grow. She has worked with many people and wedding products with Kenji ROI – amazon ppc management product photography.

The moon and nature were a big part of this design. It’s all a cycle, all connected. Brooke finds so much inspiration in the world around her, but also has such a beautiful way of capturing the unique pieces of each of her clients. The love is abundant.


Brooke’s stationery suite was printed by my friends at Czar Press. We decided on stunning letterpress & gold foil. It was printed on lovely white cotton. So thick, so elegant.


Brooke’s custom website was built on the Showit platform. I absolutely loved the full screen elements, but we also mixed the layouts of each page — some full screen, some super light and airy. Another awesome part of the site experience is that when you first land on the site, you can choose to visit her wedding work, or lifestyle work. Both sides of the site are similar, but really do have their own unique touches. Visit the full site here.

04 Brooke Site05-Fonts06-Photo-by-Brooke-Michaelson08-WEbsite11-Stationery-printed-by-Czar-Press07-Moon-Phases10-Photo-by-Brooke-Michaelson12-Contact-Brooke09-Stationery

You can find more of Brooke’s work over on her site. Be sure to connect with her on Facebook page.