Hey, July!!!

Seriously, how is it July?!?

I hope that you and yours had an amazing weekend. Here in Portland, things are toasty. It’s the hottest summer on record, so our weekend was spent in the water or hunkering down in the AC. We enjoyed our holiday, and only had a few choice words for people lighting illegal fireworks after Alba was in bed. Oh man, does this mean we’re officially curmudgeonly adults?!

When peeking forward to my July calendar, I knew that this update was coming. It was time to get this blog going again! I have so much new work to share, thoughts about running a business, and general day to day loveliness. I thought I’d share a bit of my July goals, as well as things that are inspiring me lately!

  • I start four new projects this month!! Here’s to coffee, to-do lists, and lots of creative inspiration. Each of these projects is so very different from the next, so I’m just super excited!
  • Hey DESIGNERS! Have you checked out Creative Market yet? I am drolling over the new July bundle, and I’ll be purchasing in 3 … 2 … 1! Seriously though, I love their bundles, but also their individual items. The fonts & vectors are what dreams are made of!
  • I’ve been quilting lately. If you’ve seen my personal Instagram, you’ll catch glimpses of the little quilt that I’m hand quilting for Alba. Let me tell you how fun it is to quilt a blanket when it’s 90 degrees outside!
  • Speaking of crafting … I cannot wait to make this blanket.
  • Did you see my latest launch for Katie Nesbitt Photography? I JUST LOVE HERRRR!!!
  • This morning, I finally took Alba to school on my bike. I took a few weeks off after getting sick. It felt so good to be moving again! July is allll about getting back into my fitness routine. What are your favorite at-home workouts?
  • Have you been listening to the Being Boss podcast? Emily & Kathleen stop in each week to deliver inspiration, and insight into being a badass business owner!! Love it!
  • DIY rope baskets? Yes, please!
  • Okay … goal this week is three blog posts. LET’S DO THIS!!!

Happy July to you! Please share your goals, so I can cheer you on!!