You know the old saying: “There is no ‘I’ in Team … Well, I think there should be a ‘You’ in Brand!

Have you thought about your brand experience lately?

At the end of 2013, I did. I took a look at the goods I was sending out to my wonderful clients. It was lacking. Big time. Here I was, using recycled cardboard boxes to ship beautiful, quality letterpress stationery. I’m sure my clients were excited to receive their stationery, but it wasn’t an extension of my brand experience … I was a total hipocrite.

So, I changed it. I thought about my brand experience overall, and found a solution: we would deliver paper goods in handmade wooden boxes, filled with shredded wood pulp. The wooden box would be delivered in a new cardboard box, and ideally, it would be sealed with branded tape.

Suddenly, I was receiving emails like this: “Hi Ravyn! Just wanted to let you know I received my stationery. It’s beautiful. I’m obsessed with this box it came in!” … Then I was receiving compliments … they were happy to be working with me, they said it was totally worth the investment.

I felt good. I knew I had made a good decision with the packaging, and wondered what took me so long to get to this place.

So, my weekly thought: are you infusing YOU into your brand? What are you doing to make your branding experience unique? Whether it’s something physical you’re delivering, a way you send notes, your personality while working with clients, etc., it just matters that they couldn’t get the experience with anyone else. It’s never too late to reevaluate your brand experience. It’s an evolution!