Yeah … I want to live in this board!!! This design inspiration board belongs to the AMAZING Judy Pak, a wedding photographer based in New York. My favorite photography is the photography that moves my soul … when I look at Judy’s work, my heart feels it! It’s the light … the mood … the composition … ahhhh, I could go on & on. Every session she shares looks like it could live in an art gallery. Girl, YOU ARE TALENTED!!

So, obviously, I was excited to work with Judy, and once we met, I was so happy to know her personality is just as beautiful as her work. She believes that even in a busy world, whimsy is all around. She focuses on the simple … the airy … the dreamy … and the sophisticated. From her work, to her brand experience, she brings these traits together. This board encompasses how it feels to work with Judy, and it’s how the new brand identity feels! So excited to share!

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