Stationery : Claire Miranda

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I’m a total sucker for this suite for Claire Miranda!! GOLD, SPARKLE, STAMPS, LETTERPRESS!! Okay, enough caps, but seriously, I absolutely love the stationery suite that Claire chose for her brand. It was so much fun to create.

Claire is a big fan of interacting & communicating with her clients. It was important she have big note cards to use … We created two different 5×7 note cards to use during the brand experience. She chose to mix the cards with gold and kraft envelopes. The envelopes were finished with a lovely rubber stamp (which can also be used for her DVD cases).

If the stamps, cards, and envelopes didn’t get me excited (which they totally did), these letterpress cards are what my dreams are made of! Her beautiful letterpress business cards were printed on 220# cotton. The logo is printed with gold ink on the front, then we chose another fun pattern to be printed in a pinky-peach on the other side.

We’re wrapping up Claire’s new site this week, and I am soooo excited to share!!

Hope you’re having a lovely day so far!