Site Launch : Emilia Jane

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I always get giddy when I share a site launch. I guess I should say … this is a re-launch!! Happy Tuesday, friends! J & I spent our long-weekend on the Oregon coast. Once I was back in the studio this morning, I thought Emilia was the perfect person to grace the blog for the first time this week. You see, Emilia loves the ocean as well … and when we worked on her brand last year, I knew our souls were on the same wave-length. I am still so in love with Emilia’s brand identity, and it’s been amazing watching her business blossom over the past year. A few months back, we started working together on a site revision … after a year, she knew what was working for her brand, and what she wanted to implement  What a great idea!! Re-visiting a project after having time to gain perspective was awesome. So … I’ll get to it!! Her site, before, was much like this one, but it was feeling a little busy. We simplified the navigation to ensure Emilia could give her potential clients a lovely experience from the first click.

Here are a few more of my favorite pages:

Be sure to go check out her live site … I have a feeling you’ll love her beautiful photography!