A Week In Review : 1.4.13

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January 4, 2013

Happy Friday, my friends!! I hope this first week of 2013 was AMAZING for you. I’ve LOVED reading friend’s blogs about a first successful week (of keeping resolutions & feeling happy and healthy in the new year). So much has been going on in the Stadick house lately … Sadly, I realized it has been about a month since I did a weekly review. We did a lot during our time away from the studio, but here are a few ways we’ve been spending our time:


1/ We spent a day up on Mt. Hood. When we went last year, the powder wasn’t fresh … this year, we were literally up to our waists (and shoulders) in fresh snow! 2/ My husband bought me a ukulele for Christmas. I was really afraid I would suck terribly, and not be able to learn an instrument as an adult. As it turns out, my tone-deafness and terrible rhythm haven’t totally destroyed my passion for learning. It’s been so much fun! I can play “You Are My Sunshine” and “Hit The Road Jack”, and I’ve learned about 12 chords. 2013 will be the year of the Uke. 3/ On New Years Day, we ventured to the Columbia River Gorge for a hike up Horsetail Falls. The trail ended up being icy just past the falls, so our hike ended sooner than we would have liked … but that just meant we had an excuse to head to Multnomah Falls for some hot coffee, fudge, and a beautiful view of the falls. 4/ We set our goals & dreams for 2013 … take a look. 5/ One of those 2013 goals happens to be a home. We’ve been renting for over a year, saving our pennies, and we’re hoping to be in a new place by the Fall. 6/ Can you believe these beautiful flowers! This arrangement was a gift from Michelle Lange, a friend, and past client!!! Love her! 7/ And, a trip to the mountains and the Gorge wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the ocean. It was our first time visiting Astoria and Cape Disappointment (in WA). 8/ We developed our first roll of 120 film … It was shot with our new Mamiya RZ67 Pro II … Totally in love! 9/ I am so blessed with such knowledgable friends! My little succulent (which we just adopted from our dear friends who moved to Philly) wasn’t doing very well. After a bunch of needed advice, we’ve repotted him into a shallow pot (with lots of drainage), and we’re hoping he keeps growing! 10/ I have a little bun!!! My hair is growing, and I am a happy camper.


1/ Have you had a chance to check our the fundraiser for Trek 4 TEF? If not, remember, it’s for an amazing cause, AND you can use the donation as a write-off on your taxes. Go check it out. Please & thank you!! 2/ I did a review of my 2012 projects … So happy to have met all of you AMAZING friends! 3/ Things are going great for the studio, but I thought it was important to share some of my candid thoughts about working for myself4/ Alisandra Photography has a new hand-drawn logo … I just blogged about the project, and professed my love for Ali! 5/ Rachael Kruse is one of my favorite photographers, and I am so excited to share her new brand identity. For now, I just shared the design board that inspired the project6/ Coral is the color for 2012 … and if I have anything to do with it, it’ll stick around for 2013. See the coral inspired stationery suite for Elle Rose Photo. 7/ Last but not least, I shared a bit about Emily Weis and the launch of her custom Showit site!

I hope you have the loveliest weekend ever! We are catching up on housework (blah) tomorrow. I might even be able to convince my new-years-resolution-health-crazy husband to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast … that would totally make the housework worth it. Then on Sunday, we’re going snowshoeing with Brittany & Jonathan. What are your plans?! Have you kept your resolutions so far?   

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