Brand Identity : Jen + Ashley Photography

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Most of my life, I’ve let my heart take the lead … Thankfully, it’s typically taken me in the right direction. A few weeks ago, I received an email from two of the most awesome ladies ever … and I decided in that moment to let my heart lead.

You see, I had one more project opening for this Spring & I wasn’t sure if I should fill it … Not that I was questioning the ‘who’ that would fill it … just more if I could take on anything more. Would I be inspired? … Would I be able to deliver? As it turns out … the answer is YES, but only because of this: If there’s one piece of advice I hope to leave, it’s that choosing the perfect clients is the only way to succeed as an independent creative.

When Jen + Ashley approached me about creating their new brand, they totally owned their brand … they just needed a little help putting their values into an identity that would represent them best. They wanted something that felt very glam, but not girly … they wanted something sophisticated, but not stuffy. In the end, they value the experience they deliver to their clients SO much, and they wanted a brand that shared that same cozy, caring spirit. Here’s how the new Jen + Ashley Photography brand would feel …

In what felt like a little (magical) whirlwind, the new Jen + Ashley Photography brand was born:

I absolutely love the way their logo turned out. Not to toot my own horn at all … if anything, I just want to sing the praises of J + A for knowing exactly how they wanted everything to feel, then trusting me to create it for them!

Jen + Ashley truly have a unique client experience, and wanted to incorporate parts of their brand into the whole thing … that’s why it was important to have a few elements they could use on their own:

Then, we wrapped it all up with a fun, alternate logo … for when the stacked version might not fit.

Ashley had the amazing opportunity to be a part of the most recent Creative Live course with Jasmine Star … Since they knew they would have some new visitors to their site during the live course, we went ahead and launched a new landing page. There are more details here, but here’s a peek. The full site will be launching very soon!

I can’t wait to share the final site (and paper goods) in a few short weeks. Until then, be sure to send them some love!

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