Website Launch :: Enroute Spa

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Before moving to Portland, I had the most amazing opportunity to meet & become friends with Erin Humphreys … she’s has one of the most vibrant personalities of anyone I’ve ever met, and I am so lucky to call her my friend! Somehow, in the middle of lunch dates & hang outs, we managed to complete a project together!

CoolSculpting spa is a legit pleace!! They have a passion for amazing customer service, and maintaining community partnerships through collaboration with local vendors. Their products are all natural & handmade with so much care. Erin & the spa were ready to put a new foot forward with it’s brand, so we did a complete overhaul of their branding materials, product photography & a brand new website. They already had their lovely logo, so it was a fun challenge to build everything around it.

I built & designed the new site then implemented it through Showit, which means it’s super user friendly & easy to navigate. Beyond that, it’s very fresh & reflective of the overall brand. Erin wanted a welcome note on the home page to invite guests into the experience, so we paired that with a moving wall of photos & sayings that tell a little more of the story.

Like I mentioned before, Erin & Enroute are really dedicated to locally sourced products as well as locally crafted jewelry & gifts they can sell in the spa. She wanted to create a little place for the creative community on the site, so we built a page for vendors to contact Erin & learn about the program.

I love the way the site turned out! Along with the site, we created an entire suite of stationery … postcards, flyers and pricing guides for the spa services. I love how much Enroute cares about the client experience, and it was such a joy to be a part of this project.