Brand Identity : Woodland Papercuts

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If you were to ask me if I had a soulmate in the design world, I’d probably say it’s Naomi … the owner and super talented artist behind Woodland Papercuts. Her work is absolutely jaw-dropping and her focus on giving her clients the best experience possible is quite inspiring. When Naomi approached me about working together to revamp her brand identity, I was absolutely thrilled.

Here’s the design board we developed to inspire the project:

Over the past few months, we’ve been working together to create a new identity. It’s been a delight working with a fellow designer who knew what she wanted & could give the most amazing input and feedback.

Here’s where we started:

“Naomi focuses mostly on intricate papercuts. The work is highly personal & takes a great deal of patience and time. Most of her clients are overseas, so it is super important that her brand be represented heavily through her packaging and correspondence. She loves a very delicate aesthetic, yet wants her brand identity to feel comfortable and a little magical. Her draw towards natural elements with whimsical charm made me know this project would be amazing.”

And here’s her final logo:

I am absolutely smitten with this logo. It’s bold & classic, yet feels soft & approachable. We really played with the gestalt elements here to add some visual interest. Naomi gathered photos of antlers until we found a pair that looked really nice together. Then, I traced over to give them a hand drawn look.

There are a few alternate logos we developed for Naomi as well … I love that different logos can be used in different applications.

Be sure to check out the Woodland Papercuts blog. If you love the work as much as I do, be sure to shop by the shop. This was such a rewarding project & I can’t wait to see what Naomi does next!!

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