Tangerine Tango : Pantone Color of 2012

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It should be no surprise that we love color ’round these parts. I think inspiring graphic design is equal parts type, layout, and color. When Pantone announced their 2012 color of the year, I was in love. The color of the year comes with a lovely name, too: Tangerine Tango.

I’m not always the biggest fan of primary colors (red, blue, yellow) or RGB/CMKY for those designers/printers … But baby, you give me a Pantone book, and I will fall in love. It’s amazing how you can mix and match 3 or 4 colors to develop other colors with such depth and personality. I think Tangerine Tango is a beautiful color … My favorite nail polish happens to be an identical shade. I love it’s warmth, yet it’s not too red or too orange! Can’t wait to see it in different design capacities this year. Cheers to beautiful color.