Paper Goods | Three Fifteen Offerings


If you’ve inquired with me (or worked with me), you’ll know that paper goods are a thing I suggest to most of my clients. I believe paper goods (like note cards) are a small investment that can make a really big impact. Within this world of stationery and brand collateral, the options for pieces are truly endless.

Here is a collection of the goods included with my Signature Collection, as well as items you can add on for an upgrade.

Flat Printing

My Signature Collection includes flat printed business cards and note cards. Note cards are printed on watercolor textured paper, with the option of being 2-sided or folded (blank inside). My standard business cards are printed on smooth matte paper, and they’re two-sided with no limit of colors. I love the flexibility and versatility of flat printing – not to mention, it’s great for most budgets.


Letterpress Printing

An upgrade I always offer is letterpress printing. Letterpress is an art form … truly. These pieces are printed on cotton, one at a time. They’re made by hand by experienced printers … there is nothing quite like the tactile nature of letterpress. It’s sure to wow anyone you give these cards to.


Rubber Stamps

Also included in my Signature Collection is my client’s choice of two rubber stamps. These can be a traditional wooden handle or self-inking. Since I encourage note cards and being thoughtful with packaging, stamps are a wonderful way to add more customization to your client experience. I love thinking outside of the ‘just put your logo on everything’ box, and rubber stamps are a great way to use a branded statement (see examples below).



Another upgrade option I offer is an embosser. These desktop embossers allow you to press a logo/element into your paper goods. While my clients generally use these on their envelopes, the application options are pretty varied. I love how these elevate stationery suites!



As you can see from the images above, a wonderful way to bring your brand color into your physical goods is by sending note cards in on-brand envelopes. I source high-quality envelopes from several vendors, and I’m pretty sure I offer every color known. Think forward to your client seeing a colorful envelope in their mailbox, then realizing it’s from you: instant spark of joy! Tip: consider how you’ll write on any envelopes you’re mailing (ie: a black envelope will only work with a white gel pen + white stamp ink), and do not mail any envelopes with a wax seal unless you have it hand-sorted.

Over my career, I’ve designed and printed cards, brochures, stickers, wax seals, magazines, and more. While the items above are my most popular, we can work together to create any print goods you’re dreaming of!