Small Business Resources during the COVID-19 Outbreak

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Hi, friends. YOU GUYS – this is A LOT. Like, so much. Have you taken a deep, deep breath for a bit? What about your shoulders? Could you relax those too?

Even though I know my newsfeed will be COVID news from top to bottom, I keep picking up my phone. And, it’s A LOT to take in … anxiety is high, and while things in the outside world are so uncertain, my husband and I are also in the middle of finding a new rhythm at home. Learning to work outside of our normal spaces/hours, and keep our kids on-track with their schooling and life. Like so many of you, we are doing everything we can to flatten the curve freelance tax calculation. We’re hunkered down, trying to keep things “normal”, but also having so many private, “What the fuck is actually happening?!?!” moments. While my kids are getting lessons in embroidery and woodworking, I am trying to take care of my current clients, think about my own small business, and think forward about new ways I can help this community. And for now, it’s working. I so wish I could slow all the way down and disconnect, but seeing our creative community come together has been a morale saver. We recommend taking a look at the best wordpress hosting companies that can help you improve your website

This WILL end. But I know this is causing so much pain and stress now.

As our community of creatives and business owners is rallying to support each other, many have shared resources & tools for each other to use and share in their own circles. One such resource is business card with the right information to your business. One way to make your business stand out is with Metal Business Kards. I am compiling the resources here and will update this list at least once per week. I was going to wait until I had more to share in this initial post, but I decided any information is important now! Please share this post with anyone who can use it, and please, please, please comment (or message) me with the resources you find efficiency in doing payroll.

I’m here for you – even though we are far apart! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES AND EACH OTHER!!!!

Even if your state/city isn’t in a lockdown (yet), please stay home!! By staying home, we’re flattening the curve, and giving our front line workers a fighting chance. Social Distancing is a must!


  • The SBA has created their Paycheck Protection Program, and on April 10th, self-employed sole proprietors can apply for a loan (with forgiveness if the funds are used properly and read about refinancing options) that will help you pay yourself, and have funds for other business expenses.
    • If you’re a sole proprietor with employees, applications opened on the 3rd. Many banks are totally overrun with applications, so if you’re planning to use your local bank, check in with them now.
  • The CARES Act is comprehensive (I’m hopeful Congress passes more bills to help people in our country), and includes unemployment payouts for self-employed people!!! Before, most self-employed people didn’t qualify for unemployment. This bill covers self-employed people AND gives an additional fixed amount per week. More details can be found here.
  • For photographers: Pixieset is offering free months of their subscriptions. Please contact them directly.
  • For people who use Showit for your website platform: Showit has an application to defer your site payments for two months.
  • The US Treasury Department has announced a deferment of tax payments until July 2020. Please visit the page for more details, and be sure to check with a CPA or accountant to be sure you’re in compliance with all state/federal rules.
  • This is constantly changing information, but for the first time, the US has authorized sick leave for a portion of workers, including self-employed people. This article introduces the policy, and as guidelines are updated, I’ll share here.
  • My dear friend, Melissa Love, did a Facebook webinar called “Self Employed Survival Strategy”. I watched it and wrote down a few notes I’ll be implementing. It might be helpful for you!!
  • Here is a list of resources (from the above webinar). This mostly applies to people in the UK, but my clients in North America will likely find good bits there!
  • Freelancing Females has a page dedicated to resources. I love them and was so happy to see this comprehensive list.
  • On 3/15, I emailed all of my current clients to relax the terms in our contracts (namely: expanding the ability to pause a project, and offering flexible timelines and payment plans). If you haven’t reached out to your clients, please do!! They are in the same scary place you are – remember, we want our clients to win. Let’s be on their team with communication and grace!