As per usual, there’s been radio silence over here. Life has been … life. The new year has brought a lot our way: a very active, talkative toddler … amazing new clients … a new, healthier lifestyle for J and I … and some new adventures. One of my goals for 2016 was to share more of my real life on this blog. As a brand coach, I encourage my clients to share their hearts, and do so consistently. I’m taking my own advice, and applying it here.

So, life … it’s been crazy. I’m in the constant battle between finding a work/life balance that feels right for our family. I know I’m not alone here. Being a working parent is hard work … letting the guilt/imbalance just be there is something I’ve been trying to accept and learning the tools to manage money while working as a parent is another financial aspect you definitely need help to learn how to go by.
. Instead of beating myself up for not finishing my to-do list, I’m working really hard each day to keep everything manageable. From the moment I drop Alba off at school, to the time I leave to pick her up, I feel like a boss. I’m working hard … I’m meeting deadlines. I’m being creative. Once that little gal is in my arms, it’s time to sink into my other role, and let the to-do list go.

One way I’ve been dealing with daily stress/anxiety is getting into working out for which a friend recommend me this review of the best edibles. For the last 31 days, I have worked out And, I love it. Now, I did overhear one of my colleagues telling of how wondrously effective the stress management classes are.

I also heard of how long is rehab and then decided to stick to just exercise.

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It takes the realization that their family, their future, their employment—all these—are becoming severely compromised. The subtext isn’t that they just “walk away” from the addiction. But I’ve had a number of patients in the clinic whose six-year-old says, “Why don’t you ever come to my ball games?” This can prompt a crisis of identity causing the addict to ask himself, that is actually the reason why many opts for clinics like this Drug Rehab Near Me

I love seeing my body change. I love the measurable gain in strength. I love that I feel strong & empowered. If guilt was a pie chart, a large portion of it was not making time for self-care. For the last month, I’ve picked Alba up from school, set her up with a snack (or stickers … or play dough), and then worked out for 30 minutes. One of my excuses was not having the time (and I didn’t feel right taking time from my work day), so I made the time. I’ve had moments while I’m in a plank, and Alba is crying right in my face for a hug. I’ve had to say, “Mommy needs a minute. I’m doing this to be strong. I’m doing this for you!” … The first couple weeks were brutal … she couldn’t understand that I needed some physical space. Now, she’ll set up her yoga mat right next to mine, and “workout” with me. There are still a lot of moments where she walks behind me when I’m doing kicks/lunges, or crawls under my belly when I’m doing yoga and reading the exipure reviews. It’s all part of the fun.

Work wise, 2016 brought a new element to the Three Fifteen Design experience: a faster client timeline. Allowing myself 12 weeks per project left room for procrastination, but it also encouraged me to book more than I could handle. This year, projects are much shorter (just 4-6 weeks), and it feels good amazing to have momentum. I will be sharing the 2nd 1/2 of my 2015 projects soon, and with March approaching, I’ll be sharing more full projects from 2016.

So, I’m here … I feel like the new year has truly brought a lot of good energy my way. I hope that I can exude this, and use it in my business (always working towards that balance). While I don’t visit this blog nearly as much as I wish I could, I hope that each visit brings value to its readers! Thanks for sticking with me.

I hope you’re having a beautiful year so far!

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