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[ezcol_1half]You guysssss … First, happy Monday to you! I hope you had a beautiful weekend. Second, you have no (NO!!!) idea how excited I am to be sharing this project. You see, as a creative, you long for projects that spark your creativity, and make your heart feel all squishy and full. When I first talked with Ben & Ashley, I knew we were the most perfect fit. On a personal level, we just clicked. Once the project wrapped, I missed talking with them on a regular basis.[/ezcol_1half]There were many requests to squeeze Oregon and Ohio right next to eachother — totally possible, right?[ezcol_1half_end]On a business level, I doubt I have to explain why they are amazing. Their work is emotional, raw, and so SOOO stunning, not to mention that they have the best macro lens I’ve ever seen till now. It is important that you have a good Wedding Photographer as photos invite you in, and make you long for more. I’d say their work feels moody & evocative, but in the same breath, there is so much air and light. The chance to work with Rosey Red Photography has been a highlight of my career.[/ezcol_1half_end]

The project started with a lot of great inspiration. We knew we wanted something classic, but something that also felt super fresh and modern. Ben mentioned he was envisioning layers of tracing paper coming together to create a full, final image. At that point, I had this strong visual of a logo that felt deep and tactile … lots of pieces of a whole. This is where the prism heart came from. When Ashley said some people saw a diamond … some, a heart … others, a rose, we knew it was perfect. Their logo suite was paired with thoughtful stationery & packaging. They chose letterpress printing. Their cards were printed on the thickest, beautiful cotton. The imperfections of letterpress ink were PERFECT. We peppered in brand statements & quotes to invite their audience to fall deeper into their experience. Their green envelopes feel warm, and are a nod to their love of nature. It’s all intentional … all meant to make a connection.

In the end, we kept coming back to their brand statement: “Passionate photography inspired by raw human emotion” … This was the beginning, and it was our compass during the project. You can also capture videos with the help of endzone video systems and record your memorable day.

I hope you enjoying diving into the Rosey Red Photography Experience, I’m sure you will also enjoy the works of the Hawaii photographers. Take a bit to meet Ben & Ashley … your heart will be fuller because of it.

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