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Sometimes I feel like I have to pinch myself. It’s just that the creatives I have a chance to work with are SO. FREAKING. TALENTED. As you’ve probably noticed, I mostly work with photographers. Of course, my passion is working with all makers, doers, and creatives, but over the journey of my business, I’ve found myself quite a lovely niche in working with photographers. As I’ve grown as a designer, I’ve noticed that my clients have become more and more of exactly what I’ve always wanted to work with. Katie DeLorme is no exception. As soon as I saw her stunning work, I knew we had to work together.

Over the course of our project, she saw her new brand experience unfolding, and she even decided to change her business name. We implemented her love of travel by way of this little elephant (go check out her site, and you’ll see why). We wanted the suite to feel professional, kind, and approachable. It’s a little bit vintage … it’s a little bit modern. It’s soft. It’s lovely. To add to the professional feel, we went all out with the stationery. Her business cards are letterpress on super-thick cotton. Her note cards are sweet, little letterpress cards that bring in a pop of yellow. The Ellie makes an appearance in her stamps, and we finished everything off with premium envelopes. Her new site is clean, and focused on her photography. We used the fonts from the project to bring everything together, but really, her photos are the star of the show.

So yeah, I’m totally pinching myself. Feeling lucky to work with such a gem! To connect with Katie, visit her new site, or connect on Facebook.

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