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Christie Pham Logo by 315 Design

Happy Friday!! I am grinning from ear to ear, because I have been so excited to share this project. Not only was the project itself a dream, but I happened to go into labor the night I finished it. End of one part of my life … the start of a new, awesome part.

Christie Pham contacted me last year when she was ready to focus on her client experience. She had photographed some stunning sessions and weddings, but was struggling to find her identity when it came to her brand. She wanted a cohesive feel that brought her message to her clients.

Christie is based in Honolulu, Hawaii, and loves photographing destination weddings. In the past, when I thought about wedding photography in Hawaii, I had a certain look in mind. Crisp, bright, and traditional. Well, Christie’s work is my new standard, and let’s just say, she sets a very high bar. Her work is personal, beautiful, romantic, powerful, and full of great energy.

Her new brand identity feels modern … The little arrow is a nod towards travel, towards moving through life. It feels clean and fresh. We paired the digital pieces with clean, fun stationery. Her business cards and note cards have some traditional Hawaiian sayings, and it’s meant to excite her clients, and remind them that they couldn’t have this experience with anyone else!

If you’d like to see more of Christie’s work, be sure to add her blog to your reader. You can see her latest happenings on Facebook, and to connect with her, visit her website.

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