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March 26, 2014


Last time I shared Jacqui’s project, I was discussing her new brand identity. Today, I wanted to share the beautiful, soft paper suite. The logo was begging for creams and light pinks, so it’s exactly what we did! The suite started with two sided business cards that showcased the beautiful logo that myself and Chelsea of Oh My Deer created. The note cards were kept super-clean by including the custom crown element and some linework. The cards were printed on a watercolor paper, which matched the texture on the blush pink envelopes. The suite was completed with three custom rubber stamps.


  1. Anne Paar says:

    I love your designs!
    I have been looking into getting a new design to replace (or improve) my Pro Photo website, something to make my brand stand out more and to create something that is ‘me’. Something that is a bit more unique than the ‘standard’ designs. A graphic designer friend of mine has been designing a new logo for me (almost done) which you can see here.

    I love the look of the custom sites you have designed. Would you be able to email me some prices?

    Looking forward hearing from you.


  2. Karly Richardson says:

    Where, oh where, did you get such beautiful envelopes?

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