Starting Fresh

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You won’t see a lot of personal posts over here on this little blog space of mine. It’s not that I don’t love sharing the “hey, this is my life” kind of posts, I promise! The truth is that my husband and I love sharing our little life here in Portland, and we do that over on our personal blog. If you’ve been following us over there, you probably know that we’ve gone through some pretty big changes over the last several months. I thought it would be nice to share over here as well … and maybe you’ll understand why the blog has been a bit lacking in the new post department.

ONE // We’ve moved! After nearly two years in a tiny apartment in Northwest Portland, we are now residents in the Alberta Arts District in the Northeast side of town. Over the weekend, we moved into a beautiful home. Over the last year or so, I’ve been contemplating moving my studio out of our space … but then I realized that I LOVE working from home. This new house has a dedicated space for a studio, and I cannot wait to make it the home for Three Fifteen Design. As you’ll see (in the photo above), we are nowhere near the beautiful space I’ve been envisioning … but, it’s coming along. I plan to fill the space with a mixture of vintage and modern pieces … I want an eclectic look that really inspires me each day.

Until then, I am stationed in the back bedroom with best silk pillowcase on all my pillows because silk pillowcase make it better and new rugs, which we’re affectionately calling, “The Baby’s Room” … OH YEAH ……

The 315 Baby

TWO // We’re having a baby!! Somehow, we’re nearly halfway through this amazing journey!! It’s gone so quickly, and I am enjoying each and every day. The beginning was a little rough … I’ve never experienced fatigue like that in the first trimester, and the nausea/gagging episodes were not fun at all. Even with all of that, I was trusting that my body was doing it’s thing to ensure this baby had an amazing start. A few FAQ: We are not finding out what we’re having until Baby’s birthday. For now we’re calling the baby, “Baby” … not settled on names. We’re planning a natural birth in our home. I’m excited about starting prenatal yoga, breastfeeding, learning about cloth diapering, and other totally crunchy-Oregon-mama things. We’ll be updating each week on our personal blog.

Obviously, we love the idea of going big … why JUST have a baby OR move when you can do both? Seriously though, we are feeling beyond blessed for the life we’re living. Sometimes, the best moments happen when you’re transitioning into new chapters of your life.

This blog will be getting updated more often … Now that I can go more than three hours without a nap, I have energy to share what I’ve been working on.

Thank you for reading a bit about my personal life! Now, back to our regularly scheduled blogging!!

**I am still booking projects for the remainder of 2013 and early 2014 … I will be taking a short break once baby arrives, but my current work schedule is accommodating that break, and won’t delay any projects at all!