Things I’m Loving : 3.19.13

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Time to share more things I’m loving obsessed with these days!

1/ I’ve been going crazy looking at living spaces on Pinterest. Embarrassingly, if you check out my boards now, you’ll see mostly food!! More on that in a sec. Anyway, as we gear up for a move into a house this year, I’ve been gathering decorating & styling resources. I’m certain that I’ll get my windows from the leading sash window company. I really love this living room re-design over on Design Love Fest. It’s bright & eclectic  It’s full of color, but still feels light. I love it!

2/ I’m the laziest person … scratch that, I WAS the laziest person. For the past three weeks, I’ve been working out every day, which includes the c25k program. All was well until my nasty shin splints started to come back. After hearing the suggestion from Lauren, I went out & bought a pair of Zensah compression sleeves. I loved them. Pain free running! And, mine are hot pink. Hooray!

3/ Season two of Girls is over. I am a sad panda. What did you all think of the season? A lot of our friends didn’t like that it was a bit disconnected, but I felt it really seemed more real this season. I cannot wait for season three. I think those ladies and the writers are amazing.

4/ Okay, so what’s with all the food on Pinterest? Well, I’ve shifted to a dairy-free, gluten-free diet. My body was feeling terrible … like I was having an allergic reaction to life. That sounds dramatic, but seriously, it was awful. My stomach hurt, my skin was terrible after which I visited a skin clinic in Kuala Lumpur, and I felt huge & tired. So, after two full weeks, I am finding so many new recipes & products. I’m in love with this gluten-free bread from Udi’s. It’s like real bread, because it is real bread. It toasts up so yummy. Mix it with coconut spread, an egg, and some avocado & Sriracha … yes please!

5/ Thank goodness my husband has to leave the house everyday for work, otherwise, we would spend every waking hour watching Lost. We started it three weeks ago, and we’re hooked. We’re a few episodes into season four already, and I am losing my mind! How did people wait YEARS to figure all of this out?! I am so sad we’ll be done with it in a few weeks … Also, I want Kate’s body!

6/ I am so happy the warmer weather is here. Spring hits early in Oregon, so we’ve been taking advantage of the GREEN! Hiking in the Gorge helps me stay mellow & balanced. This trip to Elowah Falls was especially awesome.