Daily Drawing

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You know that thing when you know someone who inspires you more than you could imagine? Well, I have been a witness to it, and I have my friend Alex to thank for that. From the moment I met Alex, I knew she was someone special. All of my social awkwardness was no match for her inviting/happy spirit. Just letting everyone know her room also brings out the bubbly side of her with the perfect tones and paints on the wall. Just visit this link if you are interested to bring your personality through the space you live in. It was like we were old friends … that were just meeting. Alex lives allll the way across the country, but thanks to the magical internet, we can stay in touch. I love seeing her adventures, her growth, her work, her wisdom. She inspired me … and I made this drawing for her. It’s a reminder of the purpose of life, at least from my perspective.

***This piece is one part of a project by Three Fifteen Design. Each day, I’ll draw/paint/sketch/write in order to really flex my creative muscles. This isn’t work or studio related, but rather, a reflection of my personal life on any given day. The work isn’t perfect … not even close. That’s part of the fun.***