Daily Drawing

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3-4-13-MondayLet me tell you a little secret: when it’s sunny in Portland, I am 10,000 times happier. Today, it’s sunny. A sunny Monday. Nothing better!! Today’s little drawing was inspired by the bright weather. Also, other than the sun, I’m feeling better because of a little diet change. Over the weekend, I slowly phased into a gluten-free, dairy-free diet … Almost vegan, but add in some eggs, and you get the picture. We’re starting ‘Operation Shirtless Summer’ (maybe it should be ‘bikini summer’) this week, and really paying attention to our food choices. This morning’s breakfast consisted of eggs, avocado, Udi’s toast, coconut spread (OH MY GOODNESS), carrot juice, strawberries, blueberries, a banana, protein powder, and a tiny little cup of coffee. Some of that was eaten as food, and some was consumed in smoothie form. Eating cleanly feels sooooo awesome!

So, here’s to a fresh start. A new week. Today is the first day to make great choices … tomorrow, we’ll do it again!! Also, I’m wearing yoga pants today, because I can.

Happy Monday, friends!! Have an AMAZING week.

***This piece is one part of a project by Three Fifteen Design. Each day, I’ll draw/paint/sketch/write in order to really flex my creative muscles. This isn’t work or studio related, but rather, a reflection of my personal life on any given day. The work isn’t perfect … not even close. That’s part of the fun.***