Brand Identity : Rachael Kruse Photography

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Rachael Kruse Logo Created by 315 Design

Do you remember my love for Rachael’s design board? Well, that love has continued growing, and now, I am so excited to share her new logo. I know I brag about my clients a lot, but seriously!! *Side note … this is why being selective with your clients is so important! I am so excited to work with them, and even more proud to show you their amazing work. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Rachael Kruse, go ahead … I’ll wait for you over here! What I wouldn’t give to have an image like this from my wedding day:

Rachael Kruse Wedding Photography

Okay, do you love it?!? So good! Back to this logo!! We really wanted to keep things simple, yet a little classic. Rachael really wanted a bit of art deco influence, but didn’t want it feeling too manly. So, we opted for a simpler treatment for the logo, and used some fun lines & circles with the graphic elements. Just wait until you see her stationery!! The brand identity is so lovely, and the graphic elements, and alternate logo just make it that much more versatile for her brand experience!

Rachael Kruse Elements Created by 315 Design

RK Alternate Logo


And, because I am really excited to share, here’s a little peak at R’s new stationery suite. Yeppppp … that’s gold … and letterpress … and a blind impression … and cotton. Pretty much my favorite design of the year so far!