Things I’m Loving : 1.17.13

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I am a big proponent for infusing your business with your heart … after all, your heart should drive your brand! At the end of 2012, I was writing a list of ways to really enhance my brand, and after I had a chance to review my notes, I realized I wasn’t getting very personal on this blog. So, 2013 is the year my heart will definitely be seen over here! I share so much about my live over on my personal blog (which I share with my lovely husband), but it’s time I have a place for all of my girly-ness & design obsessions! So without any more of a introduction, here are the things I am totally loving this week!

1/ GIRLS IS BACK!! For anyone who has access to HBO or HBOGo, this is a must watch. My husband and I are both so in love with this show. If you happened to catch the Golden Globes, you might have seen the show & Lena Dunham win best actress & best TV comedy. This show is pure gold, and especially relavant for our generation.

2/ I got free glasses this week! My friend, Sarah, shared her experience with Coastal Eyewear, which includes your first frames for free. I just entered FIRSTPAIRFREE at checkout, and paid or shipping. My new specs are arriving today (4 days, that’s it). So awesome.

3/ After a year of no hair cuts, I finally went to see a new stylist. AND I GOT BANGS! This is a big step … I had a pixie cut for a long time, and it’s taken a year of growing to feel ready for something new. I feel like a new person! If you’re in the Portland area, be sure to get in touch with Mackenzie Barber (yes, that’s her real name).

4/ When I turned 25, my face decided to turn against me. Seriously, before that, I loved my skin  especially after I underwent the double eyelid procedure… for the past few years, I’ve hated it. After reading some stellar reviews, I finally invested in the Clarisonic Mia 2. At first, $150 seemed like a lot, but the reviews from people I know have really convinced me. I plan on sharing my experience once I’ve used it for about a month. if people want the best skin care products to take care of their skin, they have to visit site and check out their products.

5/ I’ve started knitting again. Currently, I’m working on a blanket that will use all of these fun colors. I’m loving this Swish DK yarn from KnitPicks.

6/ Typically, I listen to podcasts all day while in the studio. Lately, I have had Ellie Goulding on repeat … all day. Her voice, the music, the mood … Halcyon is amazing!