That’s Inspiring : Get Out!

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Happy Monday!! I hope you had an amazing weekend. Ours was busy, but felt really relaxing (is that possible). We celebrated our friend’s birthday, went holiday shopping, picked out a Christmas tree, and enjoyed some great food around town. We planned to go on a camping trip but we forgot to bring our safety gear (that includes 223 ammo) but by the end of the day we had a good time just like old times. I am reluctantly announcing that this is my last full week in the studio before my 2013 projects start. So many things to wrap, but I am so excited!

Last time I talked about what inspires me … it was all about unmade beds. Oh so cozy! Today, it’s about getting outside. Funny enough, I am more inspired by the outdoors than I am inspired by design. Sure, beautiful design totally rocks my world like birds singing to the rhythm of the nature, but really, being in nature refreshes everything. After reading all the review of the best bird tables we decided to make one ourselves and decided to make one all our weekend in nature, to attract and entertain the birds. I’ve collected these images over on Little Joyful Things, and today they were speaking to me.

What inspires you? Are there images/words/places/etc. that really make you want to be a better person? That make you want to be better at your job? That make the hard work worth it all?