I am so excited to be writing this post … on this new blog! That’s right, this is the new home of Three Fifteen Design!

I’ve been working with Aaron Wade for the past few weeks on this new design. While I came up with the design, it was his amazing WordPress/coding skills that really brought it to life. I’m a big proponent with collaborating with other creatives, and this experience was so much fun.

I really wanted to clean up the blog, and now everything is nestled into its proper place. The categories have been cleaned up, and it’s easy to find my other places on the internet. Oh, and the contact form?! I’m in love. I wanted to give an easier experience to readers & potential clients, and this feels like it!

If you’d like to stay up to date with the latest posts, you can subscribe via email (head over to the right sidebar … enter your address in the subscribe box & hit enter). You’ll only receive updates when new content is posted … and I have so much studio goodness to share!

I am so so so so excited about this new blog … Thank you again to Aaron for being so great! Oh, and thank you to Breanna for the referral … you’re a gem!