A Week In Review : 11.16.12

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This week was a total doozy. I woke up on Monday with the worst feeling: I was totally getting sick. After becoming a vegetarian 5 years ago, I just don’t get sick. Call it luck … maybe I’m just healthier, but either way, I thought I had something pretty special going on. So, Monday morning, I was pretty much in a funk. After lots of warm drinks & rest, I am feeling much better. We’re excited for another relaxing weekend in Portland … here’s what my week looked like:


1/ Our little place is feeling so cozy these days. 2/ I had a girls night with my friends in Newberg. Driving on the interstate here is always so much fun. I know that might sound weird, but in Indiana, it was pretty boring. Here, I love the bridges/tunnels/views. 3/ Remember that sickness? My hubby made sure I was feeling soothed with warm honey & lemon juice. The homemade pumpkin donuts didn’t hurt either. 4/ I love our pets. They aren’t allowed on our bed anymore, but I couldn’t help but snap this photo of Ruca watching over the neighborhood. 5/ So many new stationery suites have been leaving the studio. Can’t wait to share. 6/ Breakfast with His & Hers is always a great time. We love Jam on Hawthorne. Thank you to Emilia for the very sweet gift. 7/ Is there anything better than new sheets? Me thinks not. 8/ Not only did I have a night with my girlfriends, I also got to cuddle with this sweet pup, Raleigh. He’s a 12 week old great dane puppy. So sweet! 9/ We may live in a tiny apartment in the city, but it can’t keep us from expressing our love for the holidays. 10/ This time of year, I’m really proud to be a vegetarian. This is especially true when my hubby makes an amazing vegan ‘beef’ stew. Follow me on Instagram.

In The Studio

I hope you have a lovely weekend! I’ll be back on Monday morning with a new post for the Independent Creative series … this time, we have a guest!! So excited to share. Happy Friday!