Brand Identity : Angelina Photography

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When Steph first told me the story behind her brand, I knew I wanted to work on this project together. On the surface, most people would assume the photographer behind Angelina Photography would be a woman named Angelina … well, in the most awesome way, the photographer is Stephanie, and her grandmother, Angelina, is the inspiration.

In Stephanie’s words Angelina was a tough, straight-off-the-boat Italian woman. She traveled by herself to America as a young girl, and started saving money for her family. She was always there to encourage Steph & her sister to work hard for everything worth working for, and to appreciate all of the amazing moments in life. With this inspiration at her feet, Steph has built her photography business.

Her logo needed to reflect her brand: comfortable, bright, and fun. Steph loves the sea, so we wanted the logo to feel really classic with an influence from nautical life. We wrapped the suite with a few fun logo elements that Steph could use as stickers & stamps:

Her new site is in the works … I’m so excited to share. Until then, be sure to stop by her current blog to send a little love.