Website Launch : Jim & Ravyn Photographers

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I am so SO excited about this post! Most of you probably know that I am a designer AND a photographer, but for those of you who thought this was my only place on the InTerwEbZ (really, cool, right?), I am excited to tell you about my other love: Jim & Ravyn Photographers.

Back in 2009, my husband, Jim, and I launched our wedding photography business … We had no idea at the time how lucky we would be in such a short period of time. It’s not that we had TONS of business, but the couples we’ve been so lucky to work with have been nothing short of AMAZING. Since we launched our business, we’ve grown (both as a married couple and as photographers) … we even packed up our business and moved across the country to Portland, Oregon. Since landing here, we’ve met some amazing friends & worked with some of the coolest people ever. EVER. BUT, our old site sucked. I cringed when I looked at it … and that’s no good. So, over the past few months, we’ve been working on a re-brand (focusing on our target clients, our experience, and the look of our brand identity). After it all, we are happy to launch the new site today.

We wrote a bit about the process over on the Jim & Ravyn blog, so be sure to check it out.

For now, here are a few screen shots from the new site!! I love it so much.

I am so happy that my birth photography, Little Joy, has a place on our new site. I believe in birth … it’s beautiful, and I love documenting these beautiful moments for the families I work with.

We are also stoked that our travels are showcased on the site. We have been sharing our personal adventures over on our personal blog for some time, but it was important that we shared that side of our life on our photography site.

We are so excited about this launch. There’s a saying that goes something like the cobbler’s children never have new shoes … and that’s how we were feeling. I sort of feel like our baby (business) is wearing a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s right now!