Brand Identity : Portraits by Ali

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Yes! It’s a double dose of logo goodness today!!

Last year, I met the immensely talented Matt & Ali of Murray Photography! Since then, we’ve become amazing friends. We’ve had the chance to work together on the Murray’s brand identity, and now, I am so happy to share the latest project from their studio: Portraits by Ali.

While Matt & Ali shoot weddings & engagement sessions together, Ali has been working on her beauty portrait brand for some time. She wanted to give women a photo experience that would showcase their beauty … their strength … and leave them feeling empowered! What a great way to remember life as it is now!

While the experience starts with hair & makeup by a professional, champagne, and other awesomeness, Ali didn’t want this brand to feel overly girly. She was more interested in it feeling incredibly classic & strong … all with a touch of elegance and sweetness. The venn diagram ties into her personal life, her photography journey, and the photo sessions her clients experience. As women, we have many different roles, different stages in life, but there’s always overlap. There’s always the now … it’s about embracing and loving it all!

To be sure she was educating her clients about the new brand, we also created an alternate version of the logo to include the parent brand of Murray Photography:

We’re wrapping up the stationery & website now, and will share everything soon! Until then, be sure to check out the Portraits by Ali Facebook page … it’s amazing, I promise!