Design Board : Lemongrass Photography

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When I received an email from Jessica, it made my heart skip a beat. She was writing me from Indiana … the state we recently moved away from. While I love working with clients all over the US (and the world for that matter), creatives in Indiana hold a special place in my heart.

Jessica owns Lemongrass Photography. While she’s focused a lot on babies & families over the last few years, she’s really hoping to bring things back towards the weddings she’s loved shooting. So, since Lemongrass Photography is switching gears a bit, she knew it was time for a new brand identity. Here’s how Lemongrass Photography feels …

Jessica’s style is comfortable, simple, fun, natural and happy, and she brings these values into every session & wedding that she shoots. Her current brand is a bit more modern than she wants her clients to feel … she’s really taking it back to that intimate comfort that those in love can understand. This board feels super-cozy and I can’t wait to share the brand once it’s finalized.

Until then, be sure to check out Jessica’s work … be sure to tell her you stopped by!