Brand Identity :: Little Joy

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Hi lovelies … hope you had a wonderful weekend, and this week is starting out just amazingly for you!

As some of you know, when I’m not wearing my designer hat, I’m also a photographer. My husband, Jim, and I started our photography business back in 2009, and we’ve really really enjoyed meeting some amazing couples, traveling, and telling stories through our photos. Over the past year or so, I started to follow a calling of sorts … birth photography. When some of our friends and past clients had talked to us about it, it just seemed like such a natural evolution. I believe in organic growth: if it feels right and makes you happy, do it! So, since moving to Portland, I’ve been focusing a lot of energy on my new project: Little Joy.

Little Joy is a branch of the Jim & Ravyn Photographers brand. It’s really important to us that all of our work stays in one place, but we wanted a visual way to separate the two. We didn’t want mamas thinking that Jim would be there too, as this is a bit of a solo mission for me … that’s where the new Little Joy logo came from.


We wanted something that was very sweet, yet, not overly girly. The orange color complements the green in our studio logo, and we picked a pretty modern typeface to get even further away from a girly feel.

Here are my very favorite Little Joy images … the ones that truly inspired the new logo.

I am currently looking for mamas & families in Portland, Oregon who appreciate beautiful photography and the birthing process. If you send a friend our way, be sure to tell them to mentioned you sent them so we can send a thank you!