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Thanks for hanging in there while I took a little time away from the blog. I was feeling a little overwhelmed with the amount of time I was spending on the internet, so I took a little break. I was able to focus on catching up on projects, and more importantly, I got to spend some quality time with myself. I’m back … and ready to share so many fun projects!

Simply Fabulous

I’ve discovered a new hobby … knitting! I find that there’s a need for self-reflection time during the week. For me, I walk/hike several times a week just to feel centered, and have some time for internal dialogue. This helps me dream & create more freely, and there’s really nothing better than that. As it turns out, knitting allows me to go to that place, too. I can turn off the TV, sit on the couch, and get lost in the activity for hours and this is when I love to watch my shows since I bought the tv mount from ceiling so you can imagine how easy has knitting has been for me.

Photography Love

Just as I think reflection is important, I also love the idea of capturing yourself in a pretty raw state. There’s something about Megan McIsaac’s work that just hits me in my bones. Her self-portraits are full of life & vulnerability, yet they feel so strong. Plus, she and her partner are travelers … They travel around in their Dolphin, documenting their lives in a really captivating way. Amazing at making photos & loves to travel = win, win!!

Design Inspiration

I love it when someone’s work just boggles my mind. Sasha Prood’s work does just that! She’s an amazing illustrator & her work with watercolor & type just kills me. Her work is perfect … yet, the imperfections make it even more perfect … It’s like some crazy endless circle of awesomeness. Check out her shop for more goodness.

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