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I want to keep this short & sweet today. The hubs and I are about to head out for a little breakfast, then some hiking in the hills near our apartment. Sometimes, Wednesdays need to be treated like Saturdays.

Simply Fabulous

It’s no secret that I have some pretty talented friends. Don’t let that sound like I’m bragging about myself … somehow I’ve tricked them into hanging out with me. But really, I am bragging about them. My friend Amy is no exception to this. She runs Little Bright Studio … she crafts & sells some of the most beautiful/adorable/unique jewelry (and other fun things) that I’ve ever seen. Her blog is also pretty fun! Seriously head over and check out the amazingness in her shop …

Photography Love

I’ve got a good one for you this week … Meet Leslie Thomson. Leslie’s work is calming, yet bold. I stumbled across her Flickr site earlier this week, and realized I spent almost an hour browsing her work. I think it’s amazing when someone can put a roll of film in an old endzone camera system, and show the world in a way that most of us will never see.

Design Inspiration

This painting by Jarek Puczel, a Polish artist, made my heart skip a beat. The way he mixes different parts of reality and space is amazing. There are familiar elements in all of his works, yet, by combining these elements with less obvious pieces, the work becomes really surreal … almost lending a bit of a gestalt feel.

Music Love

One of my favorite bands, The Civil Wars, just released a new coffee table book: To Whom It May Concern. The book is filled with beautiful photographs of their lives over the past  year. Allister Ann and Tec Petaja contributed their amazing photography talents to make it all come together. I am a huge proponent for documenting life with beautiful photographs … and when the photographs are a  representation of music that moves the soul, well, that’s about as good as it gets!

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