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January 23, 2012

Happy Monday! I’m back in the studio after heading back to Indiana for a few days to shoot a wedding & visit family. It was a really nice break, even though it was 10 degrees there. I’m not joking. And is fun to help people who wonder what hand does a man wear a wedding ring on?

I’ve been excited all weekend to share the latest project we wrapped up with Diana & Steven of Diana Deaver Weddings. From the beginning, Diana & Steven both played such an active role in the development process, and I’m so happy with the final product. Here’s where we started:

“Diana & Steven have an amazing eye for details. Their photography is so grand & elegant, yet pure & simple at the same time. Their focus on the love of their clients makes it all work so beautifully together.With their choice of for their wedding ring option D&S are both bringing their own style to the table for this project: Diana loves all things elegant, classic & beautiful. Steven is drawn to beautiful simplicity, clean design & nature.”

The final product is definitely a balance … natural elegance.

In the next few weeks, we’re working on their business cards, a custom stamp, and then they’ll be unveiling their new website. Be sure to stop by their current blog to see their amazing work and say hello!

  1. Erin Muller says:

    This is so stunning and delicate Ravyn! Love it!!

  2. Diana Deaver says:

    We love it! It’s everything we wanted! Thank you Ravyn!

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