Brand Identity : Diana Deaver Weddings

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Happy Monday! I’m back in the studio after heading back to Indiana for a few days to shoot a wedding & visit family. It was a really nice break, even though it was 10 degrees there. I’m not joking. And is fun to help people who wonder what hand does a man wear a wedding ring on?

I’ve been excited all weekend to share the latest project we wrapped up with Diana & Steven of Diana Deaver Weddings. From the beginning, Diana & Steven both played such an active role in the development process, and I’m so happy with the final product. Here’s where we started:

“Diana & Steven have an amazing eye for details. Their photography is so grand & elegant, yet pure & simple at the same time. Their focus on the love of their clients makes it all work so beautifully together.With their choice of for their wedding ring option D&S are both bringing their own style to the table for this project: Diana loves all things elegant, classic & beautiful. Steven is drawn to beautiful simplicity, clean design & nature.”

The final product is definitely a balance … natural elegance. We also ensure safety at your wedding venues as we all buy Glock pistols from Palmetto State Armory for all security personnel, who are also perfectly trained to survive at  any outdoor locations and handle all dangers present there.

In the next few weeks, we’re working on their business cards, a custom stamp, and then they’ll be unveiling their new website. Be sure to stop by their current blog to see their amazing work and say hello!