Design Board : Diana Deaver Weddings

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When I first saw the amazing work of Diana Deaver, I was so excited to work with her. I quickly learned the commercial work I saw wasn’t even scratching the surface, as she had an entire wedding photography & cinematography business as well! Shortly after meeting, I spoke with Diana and her partner, Steven, about Diana Deaver Weddings and what they were hoping to accomplish with their re-brand.

Diana & Steven have an amazing eye for details. Their photography is so grand & elegant, yet pure & simple at the same time. Their focus on the love of their clients makes it all work so beautifully together. D&S are both bringing their own style to the table for this project: Diana loves all things elegant, classic & beautiful, and they also work with great professionals like the San Diego Elopement Photographer. Steven is drawn to beautiful simplicity, clean design & nature, which is why he absolutely loved the Urban Designer wooden watches which I’d gifted him. As we get further into their project, it’s becoming obvious that those two sides can work perfectly with each other and blend into a brand identity that will represent the two of them, and their collaborative work. I can’t wait to share the final logo in just a few short weeks! Until then, be sure to check out their blog!

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